I Have No Idea What to Wear

Would you pay $10 bucks for a tasteful mom of four girls to tell you what to wear? Heck yeah.


I really used to feel “pulled together.” I am in a weird phase right now. Some days I am playing “business owner” and flying to a meeting and some days I am playing “carpool mom” and most days I am playing “nothing fits so workout clothes feel good.” Or, I’m so hot I cannot even take it – so ponytail again and a moo-moo.


I stalked Paige Knudsen a couple years ago via Ashley Eiler and we actually became friends. I’m not suggested stalking, but saying that over time lurking isn’t the way to go. Just say hello or comment to the blogging people you connect with. They are all real people and if capacity is there, they might need a friend too.

Some of my favorite snort-laughing-over-texting moments have been with Paige.

So, she is doing a Summer Series with Jeanne Oliver on Fashion & Style on June 24 (but it’s available for 6 months). You better believe I’m watching it. I have been known to buy some red jeans and a denim shirt after one Instragram photo.

It will have videos, interviews, tips on style “must haves” & tips for buying according to size, and her favorite beauty products, etc.

let's play dress up web

Easy instructions if you want to sign up now:
  • To register go to http://jeanneoliver.ning.com/ and register (this part is free).
  • You will find the mini course along the left hand side of the site under COURSES.
  • Click on the course you want to register for and pay. ($10)
  • If you don’t see the course you are looking for click “view all” under the courses for a complete list of courses.
  • Link for Paige’s course: summer dress-up course


She is giving away THREE spots to us today.

Comment below with your favorite fashion tip or why you need this


Connect with Paige HERE since she’s a contributor or at her blog, her Instagram or where she sells the delicious Noonday goods.

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  1. Yay! Thanks! I get stuck in the workout clothes rut a lot, too. But I am really trying to show my daughter that I care about myself and respect myself to make an effort each day. I want her to learn that she has control over how valued she feels, so I am trying to set an example!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. i’m a new mom that has to work (booo) and i am struggling to make do with the clothes i have that fit while still being fashionable and not caring if they get spit up on as i walk through the door! i know this would be a huge confidence builder for me. thank you so much! 🙂

  3. I pretty much live in jeans and a t-shirt (or long sleeves in the winter). All solid colors, no patterns, no mixing and matching! I never know what is in or what goes with what. Every year for my birthday my family always buys me whatever the tendy clothes are, and I’m so thankful for that because I’m pretty clueless when it comes to style! And, my hair is always in a ponytail.

  4. I am a first time mama this year and 8 months in I am starting to feel the this-is-my-new-body blues. Now, I know I need to start exercising again and that will be a great confidence booster/endorphin releaser, but we aren’t quite there yet with my time management. And while I know these stretch marks are a badge of honor and my beauty ought to come from my time with The Lord growing in wisdom and such, knowing how to put myself together would just give me that little extra bit of confidence to join a mommy and me play group or make a new friend at church!

    P.S. I am loving “meeting” all of these ladies you’ve been introducing on the blog!

  5. Hi there–this course sounds great!! I just went from a full-time, working out of the home mom—to a part-time, sort-of-working-from-home mom. And I have no idea what to wear so that I can go from playing with my kids to a casual business meeting! My clothes seem to be “work” clothes or “bumming-around-the-house” clothes. I would love some ideas on what to wear this summer!!!

  6. Oh heaven help my fashion sense (or lack thereof) Turning 40 last year threw me for a loop….I don’t want to dress too young, but I certainly don’t want to look older than my years either. Help?!

  7. oh man… my clothes are a disaster. (right now I am pregnant, but even when I am not…) A lot of it is due to gaining weight with my first baby, not losing it, and not wanting to buy new clothes. I just get what I “need” or what “fits” and I don’t ever feel like I look very good. I can’t keep just living until I Lose Weight or come into a huge pile of money or something… My clothes need help and inspiration!!! (Plus, my personality changed when I had my first baby… or at least, I am no longer the person I used to be when I used to have a sense of style. So now I am a little lost)

  8. I’m trying to lose weight and also trying to dress for the body that I have now. When I do get to go shopping I am at a loss as to how to dress myself and I find that I go for my old faithful….t-shirts and jeans….any help would be greatly appreciated !!

  9. Soooo looking forward to fashion wisdom from Paige. I love her style! I can decorate a house like nobody’s business, but when it comes to personal style, I have none 🙂 Need help……

  10. I have what I like to call, “the freshman 10” after having a baby. Those 10 pounds just do not want to come off! I’m told they will likely come off once I am done nursing. In the meantime, I was saddened to learn I can’t wear a single one of my summer dresses, because they are all fitted! And to think, they used to be so roomy!

    I need help, badly! This is my first baby, and I am hoping to be blessed with more. In this intermediate stage I’d like to look nice for my husband, and it makes me feel better to look my best too. I see other women do it, and I always wonder how.

    I love my mom dearly, but after 4 kids and 30+ years, she’s still wearing sweats!

    How do I gracefully embrace this stage? I want to love the body God so perfectly made to nurture a little one in all its stages.

  11. Is this about me? Are you saying I should comment already and not just lurk?!?! 🙂 just kidding. sort of. Great to meet you last week. Hope we can play again soon!

  12. I have followed Paige for many years, and have always loved her style. I am 42 and am not sure how to dress; I certainly don’t want to dress like a fuddy duddy, but yet not like I am trying to compete with my 15 year old daughter. I signed up for her course right away when she mentioned she was doing it; I can’t wait! 🙂

  13. It is amazing how God answers our prayers when we least expect it! I was just praying about finding confidence and courage in my new body. My son is 10 months old and while the scale number isn’t so bad it the the change in shape that is throwing me for a loop. My husband just loves (insert sarcasm) the 19 outfit changes before putting on one of the same three things I seem to wear these days. This series is just what I need! Thank you for sharing you thoughts, feelings and friends here! You put into words what I think we all are feeling on a daily basis.
    And as far as the stalking goes… That is how I found your blog! 🙂

  14. Wow! This is so awesome! Us moms ALL need help! We lived overseas last year and I became very ill….. I’m still recovering – but one thing that has not come back is my fashion sense. I just go with what is easy and comfortable most days. One day I actually had on nice clothes and make up (during my sickness) – and my daughter came home and said with sheer amazement… “Mommy – you look so pretty!” To which I should have been happy with the compliment – but I realized it was a reflection of how utterly AWFUL I looked for so many months! Ahhhhhh! And those days were ALL dress just to cover your body days! 🙂 Need help!!!

  15. I am a young momma to twin baby boys and have gotten in the habit of living in comfy workout clothes. Being young, I want to keep my style and take care of myself and I think this would give me a good kickstart to getting back to stylish days!

  16. I grew up in a family with money and mom let me buy whatever. Now that I live on a tight budget, I had poor bargain finding skills and constantly look with envy at expensive clothing. I feel frumpy most of the time and way too aware of extra stomach padding from having babies!

  17. This would be great, I have always made sure that the kids are well dressed before I pick anything for myself. Now with only one child still home I can place a little more attention to my style. Plus I love Paige, her family and their style, I discovered her blog here on this site.

  18. This looks awesome! I am transitioning from working Mom world to stay at home Mom world and while I THINK one of the good things can be “saving money on clothes”, as in, I don’t need as many, I really don’t want to just live in work out clothes or yoga pants. In my 6 week stint as a stay at home Mom, I’ve already found that it’s helps ME to have confidence from what I’m wearing and not going around feeling frumpy. My Mom, who was not a fashionista by any means, through years of chemo would say “I’m not going to dress like a sick person”, and she never did. She really believed that how you dress played a part in your mindset, and I believe it. So that would be my best fashion advice. 😉 But what does that look like when you’re still losing baby weight, have a baby that spits up on you multiple times a day, etc? HELP! I need it!

  19. I ABSOLUTELY need this!! I haven’t quite found my “wardrobe identity” since having my daughter….two years ago!! 🙂

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