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I Heart Moms On Call

Sometimes, I just have to gush about people or companies that I love. Moms on Call is one of those. My best bud Katie brought them to Chick-fil-A headquarters to speak when I was pregnant with Ella and I loved them. I watched two moms with a passion for moms and babies. I also learned that they are extremely gifted at meeting weary moms and offering hope and love.



They each of have birthed loads of kids – and each have a set of twins. They are both nurses and they both are madly in love with Jesus. They aren’t perfect and they don’t profess to know everything. However, their methods have helped thousands of families get on track with those early days and weeks – and on into toddler world and beyond.


I used Laura for a phone consultation with Ella and brought her into my home with Larson in the early weeks. What I LOVE about the consultations – is the email relationship you get afterwards. They always respond with a confident and often short answer. It is a plan. And you can rest. And move forward.



When my brother and his wife had their new precious baby – and those early days were so rough – Laura was so gracious to go right over. Here is what Caroline said about them.

All I can say about Moms on call is…”life saver”! Any mom, new or seasoned, knows the stress and anxiety that comes with a newborn! I was that girl. I had NO IDEA what to do when I got home from the hospital and I swear Laura came in like a superhero to save the day. She was so understanding and I know there was nothing I was telling her that she hasn’t heard before, which was so encouraging! 

I recommend Moms On Call to anyone who wants some effective guidelines on how to live life with a newborn! From feeding to sleeping to safety, she offers so much advice on how to implement healthy patterns and habits from as early as 2 weeks! We started seeing fruit in many areas right away as we started to follow her guidelines and instruction with Cambelle. Every baby does respond differently, so it’s good to remember her books and methods as “guidelines” but it’s really given mePeace being able to have something to follow or refer to when I don’t know what to do on my own. Lets be honest- we aren’t perfect moms and never will be! We grow with experience, so why not learn from someone else’s? 

I look forward to continuing to use the Moms On Call methods through out Cambelle’s childhood as well. Please look into this if any of this resonates with you – it’s worth it!


Moms On Call is based in Atlanta, but they are training consultants in other cities and available for phone consultations. Beyond the consultations, they have great books. I still use many of the key behavior tips they shared with me early years ago.

And, if you are a SCHEDULE kind of gal… you will LOVE their schedules. And they have an app for your phone! Eek! Where were the apps when mine were little. Oh the joy.



If you have are  fan of Moms On Call, tell me WHY below and I’ll draw one name to win a set of ABC Scripture Cards!

Giveaway ends Friday at midnight.


On another note…Check out Mothers of Daughters.

I’m so honored to be featured on the new site Mothers of Daughters tomorrow. It is a tremendous site started by another Orlando blogger and friend, Stacey Thacker. So, check it out tomorrow – I love answering her insightful questions on raising girls.

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  1. Am I the only mom in the ATL that LOVES moms on call and somehow (even though I’ve promoted your product to everyone else I know) haven’t purchased my own set of ABC scripture cards??? (Or am I somehow the first to comment? Or am I commenting in the right place? What day is it anyway?)

    I have loved moms on call since day 1 with 3 little boys at home. Their schedules were much more doable to me than other (BW???) methods and I love that they are moms of lots of children drawing from their own experiences too. Ive given a copy of their first book to every new mom. Yay for Moms On Call and Yay for ABC Scripture cards. Yall have more impact on mommas than anyone I know!

  2. I love Moms On Call! I discovered these ladies when my son was 5 weeks old, and within 2 weeks he was sleeping through the night! He thrived on their schedules. I was a first time mom with no idea what to do with eating/sleeping patterns. I am now a big believer in the Moms on Call schedules and plan to put baby #2 who is on the way, on it! I have given their newborn book to every one my new mom friends!

  3. I love Moms On Call! I utilized their online tutorial and have two of their books. I always recommend them to my friends!

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