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I Think You’re a Great Mom



This story is a touch delayed… but on my heart for tonight.

Last Thanksgiving, we were driving back from out of town. It had been almost 8 hours in the car and the Christmas tunes were already blaring as pulled into our neighborhood. The bags were not even unpacked and we were pulling out the Christmas decor boxes.

Isn’t fun to see the magic of Christmas come over innocent children?


We were all tired, but suddenly, we all had a second wind. I told them we’d do most of it the next day … but I’d put up their tiny trees in the their rooms. They are so puny. One was a gift from mom and Larson’s was a steal from Big Lots (purple and tacky and crooked and so very Larson).


I decided to have a “Lighting of the Christmas Tree” ceremony.


Girls got really excited at the thought of a new event for their tiny trees.

Daddy turned out the lights.


And we all counted backwards from 10… LOUDER! 10…9… 8…

Then, the tiniest tree on the block lit up, barely.

But I YELLED TA-DA with jazz hands like it was the Rockefeller tree.


They were so giddy and beaming. See – look.


We then went to Ella’s room. Same smiles and giggles. I tucked them in and said good night.


Then, I came downstairs and sunk onto the couch, exhausted from the road trip.


And, suddenly a common phrase turned like a arrow straight from cupid – actually it felt like a hug straight from Jesus.


Ron, said, “You’re really a great mom.”


That moment felt huge. I know he thinks that. I know he has said it before. On that night, his look was different. He was touched by our little tree lighting memory and he took the time to tell me in some simple words.


Oh my soul! The ‘words of affirmation’ girl needed his love in that way. I needed him to see those things matter.  And that when he’s gone and I can’t get the phone or when he walks in and the house is often a wreck, that I can’t even explain what we did all day. It’s often a lot of moments like that. Some not so sweet and some very sweet.


So, today… I hope you can hear me out there.

I notice you. More importantly, He notices.


The one who created you is watching and is so very proud of the work you are doing – which is so very exhausting. I watched a video with Glennon of Momastery last night that reminded me that there are few great days during motherhood – yet so many great moments. Hang on to those moments. And try to seek affirmation from above.


There will be days, many days that we won’t hear those words or feel it – but I know you’re doing a great job. Don’t give up and keep your chin up!


My philosophy is … if you say TA-DA and throw some jazz hands at them – they’ll think it’s major.



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  1. Amazing post and reminder! I read it earlier today and was super touched! Thanks for encouraging me and so so many other moms!! I miss you!

    1. my pleasure sweet friend. as you probably saw – i edited it a touch. worried giving specifics would hurt more than help. i am so so proud of all the work you do for millions of families across the country. and still focusing on your three boys first. you are awesome!

  2. For the record, I cried when reading this. And also for the record, I read your words again and again and again until they penetrated my very core. You, my friend, are a gift. Thank you for sharing words of encouragement, of affirmation, of love with us. I am grateful for you!

  3. A great mom, indeed. You’re one of the best I know, friend! Love this glimpse into your world, Court!

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