I’m a SUPER Mom, Are You?

I’m SUPER at getting angry.

I’m SUPER at double booking us.

I’m SUPER at forgetting projects.

I’m SUPER at taking us out to dinner vs cooking.

I’m SUPER at giving them a stink eye to communicate my thoughts.


I thought it would be so different. Before my kids were born, I thought MY OWN SHEER WILL would be my SUPER POWER. That I could work harder. Do better. Use my determination and over the top obsession for my kids to do it right. To love them. To organize. To feed them well. To balance my priorities. To dress well. To have a fun home.

And, I found it to be super hard.

And, you know what else? Once I start admitting how hard it was – I realized I was not alone. And THOSE are the friends I cling to. THOSE are the blogs I read. THOSE are the mentors I lean on. The ones that don’t pretend they are super human.

When we write and share from our struggles – we are being honest. We aren’t ONLY sharing about struggles – we are admitting we aren’t super moms. We are admitting that we aren’t as amazing as our social media displays. NOT just to complain about the role – but to admit we need Jesus and support each other in a God-honoring way.

We admit that we need a Super God.

Y’all this video makes me feel good.

My sweet friend Becky is releasing a book on December 1, The SuperMom Myth. And I would LOVE for y’all to check it out. Consider pre-ordering it now for a friend that believes the LIE that she has to be SUPER. Give her freedom for Christmas.



Here’s a super cute video by Becky about the book. We met at She Speaks and she’s the real deal. I had the pleasure of endorsing her first book. Congrats friend!

The SuperMom Myth is the scary truth for all us moms. Much like Becky, I got sucked into thinking that busyness, worry, self-neglect and exhaustion (to name a few) were all on the road to being a supermom. She does a profound job unpacking these eight dirty villains and then providing biblical solutions. Our homes were designed for so much more. – Courtney DeFeo


Pre-order it here!


I dare you ….

I’m going to share a few of her “DIRTY VILLAINS of MOTHERHOOD” from the book (below in the list)… can you share which one is surprising you the most? Ruining the journey for your right now?

  • Anger
  • Worry
  • Bitterness
  • Comparison


I will pick one to receive an advance copy of her book signed! Woohoo! Just comment below by Sunday. – Giveaway has ended

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  1. I fall into this trap everyday. Working full time everyone at work depends on me and then I go home and everyone at home is also depending on me. The expectation to handle it all perfectly is exhausting. I would love to read this boom and stop the madness.

  2. I have never been an angry person, but it’s amazing how mad two adorable two-year-olds can make me. I didn’t even know my voice could sound like that! 🙁

  3. I am working really hard to say no more often and leave a margin so scary mommy doesn’t come out. This book sounds perfect for me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Ahh, the pressure of motherhood. And the wonderful feeling you get from people like Becky who let you know you are not alone in the struggles.

  5. So darn true…and I am super at so many “bad” things! I think I’ve finally tackled most of these villains but I’m always surprised when bitterness sneaks in…I think that is the one I’m battling right now.

  6. I thought being present would just come naturally to me. It doesn’t. Anger does. Neither thing I am proud of. And I’m constantly striving for better instead of resting in the Lord.

  7. Totally surprised by the anger that comes out of me sometimes (well truthfully…pretty much daily) at my two girls. Never have thought of myself as an angry person. This book sounds awesome!

  8. This sounds really great! I can’t wait to get a copy because I truly think I need the message.

    I do have one comment about the video though – and I don’t mean to be negative at all – but I would have loved to see more of a diversity of backgrounds of women in the video. That doesn’t mean that these perspectives werent helpful. They absolutely were.

  9. Anger is such a struggle for me. I have recently started trying to find the roots, and deal with my problems. I am finding my need for control to be an even bigger issue, and to be the base of many of my angry out burst.

  10. I think it’s a tie between anger and bitterness – anger that I seem to have failed my teenager in some way that is making HER angry and bitter that she doesn’t seem to appreciate all that my husband and I do for her.

  11. Oh boy! I can’t wait to read this book!
    It is so good to know as moms no one has the perfect life. We all want to be the best, but it is hard work and we fail sometimes!

  12. Anger management. Gracious!! I am so nice to everyone else, except that kid (could be a different one each day) that presses my hot button. And unfortunately, I haven’t hidden my cards close to the vest. My kids know those hot buttons by heart. Can’t wait to read this book!

  13. I have been surprised by how anger over the little things may just build up and cause a volcano in my house. I would love to read her book!

  14. What adorable videos! The bloopers reel kinda just sums up how I feel as a parent. Thanks Becky for writing about how it isn’t. It lets us breathe a sigh of relief. Can’t wait to read the book. Thanks Court for sharing.

  15. I’ve seen the preview for this book a couple of times and I am going to have to order it for me and for one of my besties for Christmas!

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