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Interview With Wendy Blight and a Giveaway



You are just going to LOVE my new friend Wendy Blight! I met her through the Wolgemuths. Enjoy our interview – a bit more personal look at the wonderful Proverbs 31 author and mentor to many. – Courtney


What number book is this for you? And what makes you so excited about this one?


This is my second book. My first book Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner: The Transforming Power of God’s Story came out in 2009. Hidden Joy shares my journey of healing and transformation following my attack by an armed masked man hiding in my apartment.



Out of that journey, God opened doors to a teaching and speaking ministry from which Living So That was birthed. LST is a Bible study tucked within the pages of a book. It teaches women how to connect a truth of Scripture, found on the left side of a “so that,” with the the practical application of that truth on the other side.





As women travel through the “so thats,” my prayer is that they will believe God’s promises more fully and be equipped to live out His truths more intentionally. More than anything, I want women to read their Bibles with a fresh perspective and greater confidence, believing it truly will change their hearts and their homes.



I’m also thrilled that we’ll be journeying through Living So That for our next Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study. It begins April 6th. We would love for your friends to join us. Click here to learn more and sign up.



My audience is primarily moms, what do you hope moms gain from this book?


This book poured forth from a mother’s heart desperate to make God-honoring choices but who failed at it miserably. I know I shouldn’t spew out words of anger at my husband who is late for dinner yet again. I know I should reign in my tongue when my son fails to clean up his room yet again! I know  I shouldn’t join in the gossip on girls’ night out yet again. But sometimes it’s so stinkin’ hard! I know I should forgive, pray without ceasing, and trust God. Yet, I fail again and again.




Years of teaching Bible study showed me that I was not alone. Like me, other women too find themselves making more faith-less choices rather faith-filled ones. When I searched God’s Word for answers, He brought me to the “so thats” in Scripture. These two small, but significant, words taught me how to live more faithfully and gave me new perspective on biblical truths I had known for years. I wrote Living So That to share this perspective and equip wives and moms to make more faith-filled choices in the midst of their messy lives. I certainly haven’t “arrived,” but now I have taken great strides in the right direction because I have the tools I need.

Where do you write and what is your beverage of choice during that time?


Researching is my favorite part of being a teacher and writer. I spend my mornings at home researching and writing most days of the week, except Thursdays when I teach Bible study here in Charlotte. We bought a huge picnic table for our kitchen where we gather with friends and family, so I transformed my dining room into an office. I do all my work there. I’m not a coffee drinker, despite four years of college and three years of law school! My favorite drink is Panera’s yummy iced green tea or a big glass of water.




Are you this sweet and happy (see video below) all of the time? If so, can we be neighbors?


Oh, do I answer this honestly or not?! To friends…probably yes. At home, maybe not so much. But, honestly, the Lord brought me out of a very dark place of hopelessness and despair to one of Joy restored, so I truly am happy the majority of the time!





What’s a hidden talent we need to know about?


I can’t believe I’m sharing this with anyone, but I’m a great bowler! I’ve never done league bowling or anything, but for some odd reason this girl can bowl. And when I go with girlfriends on girl’s night out…I’m scary competitive!




Can you offer encouragement to the mom that feels the job is hopeless?


I lived for years feeling like the worst mother ever, especially with my firstborn, Lauren. And even when God began a healing process in my heart, I felt like I had ruined her forever! But, our God REDEEMS. When we surrender our mother’s heart to the Lord, when we seek to transform our hearts first, God brings change. I share stories in both Hidden Joy and Living So That on this very topic to encourage young moms on their journey. And, my struggles as a young mom led me to write one of my first Bible studies, All Things Wise and Wonderful: Applying God’s Wisdom in Everyday Life. It hasn’t yet been published in hard copy, but women can buy it on our Proverbs 31 web site as an e-book for $10 (click here to learn more).





If you would like sneak peek at Chapter One of Living So That, can click here.


And I’ve written a FREE five-day companion devotion to Living So That, “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life.”  Sign up by clicking here.


You can order Living So That from Proverbs 31 by clicking here and Amazon by clicking here.


My blog is www.wendyblight.com.



I would love to share some free stuff with you girls today!


1) ENTER TO WIN one of TWO gift packs below.

Just comment  below – and we will pick TWO random winners to receive Living So That and the ebook, All Things Wise and Wonderful.


2) For every copy of Living So That bought between TODAY AND APRIL 6, your friends will receive a free copy of All Things Wise and Wonderful. 


To receive your free copy of Wendy’s All Things Wise and Wonderful study, please e-mail your Living So That book order confirmation to Teri at teri@proverbs31.org before midnight Sunday, April 6th.


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  1. Hi Courtney, thank you so much for inviting me to be a guest on your blog today! I’m excited to meet your friends and share Living So That and our P31 Online Bible study. I so enjoy following your blog and reading your amazing posts and meeting your many guests. I look forward to hearing from them and giving away some books! I’ll check back later.



  2. I have thee book of Living So That bit would love a paper back so I can highlight and make notes in it. Loved the post and just so you know, Wendy & Courtney, I’m a horrible bowler

  3. I have been looking forward to this for the last few weeks! I am so excited that in only a few more days we will be digging deep into this new devotion. Blessings to all!


    1. Sheli, I love to play ping pong too. When our kids were younger we had a ping pong table and had lots of family games…thankfully no one could witness how competitive we were! I tell Courtney how I would have LOVED to have had a web site like hers when I was a young mom. What a gift!!

      1. That is AWESOME!! Thank you sooo much! I’m so excited. I know this book is going to be a HUGE blessing for me! 🙂

  5. Commenting So That I may win this awesome book (ha!) Courtney, thanks for continuing to create a space that allow us moms to be real and be encouraged. Have a great day!

    1. Courtney’s sight is such a gift to moms! I so wish that I had a place like this to visit when my kids were younger. She is a treasure!!

  6. I was just thinking yesterday…why do I keep making the same mistakes over, and over, and…over?!?! I try to keep my eye on Him but it appears I am a little dense between the ears, lol!!! Would love to win the contest and always excited to find other moms brave enough to admit that being a mother is NOT a piece of cake, but it certainly makes you WANT a piece of cake (or two)!! Blessings!!

    1. Oh, Muffie, you are speaking my language. I feel like I am forever telling God “I’m sorry for doing xyz…AGAIN!” Thanks for sharing so honestly. Comforts me to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  7. Enjoyed today’s interview with Wendy! Our moms group just finished ‘Unglued’ by Lisa TerKeurst…would love to win and read another book from this wise group of women at Proverbs 31.

    1. Katie, our Bible study did Unglued last spring. Loved the videos and can’t wait for her next book, The Best Yes!

  8. I’m so excited about Wendy’s new book. Our ladies Bible Study group is starting this study after Easter.

    1. Lori, thanks for letting us know you are starting the study after Easter. I LOVE that!! We have some specials for group purchases on our InScribed Website. Visit the web site to see if your numbers qualify for the promotional gifts! http://www.inscribedstudies.com/

  9. My “messy” life pulled me away from the comment I’d started…grateful your insight kicked in as I dealt with the situation! With 5 kids, who have messes of their own, I’m constantly faced with choices and appreciate the help in making better ones. And thank you for the reminder that God has grace when I don’t!!
    Thanks for sharing Wendy…it’s been fun getting to know you a bit more in some of these interviews! When I started teaching my fellow teachers were sure they get me drinking coffee, but 15+ years later it still hasn’t happened!!
    Thanks for the giveaway Courtney…appreciate your blog and insight!

  10. In am so thankful for what I’ve just read this morning! I too am at a place where I believe God is healing my heart but I’m so afraid I’ve damaged my first born. Looking forward to reading this book asap. 🙂

    1. God is able to redeem EVERYTHING, Heather!! He has done that for me as a mother. I believed that for too long, But when we surrender our mother’s heart to Him, He does a mighty healing work in our hearts and in those of our children. He is a REDEEMER!

  11. I just ordered this book. I read the first chapter and I know that I am going to enjoy the study. Thanks for telling your story. it is an inspiration knowing God will get us thru any dark place.

  12. I’ve just start the P31 OSB with “So That” and am already inspired. Would love to win to share this book with others!

  13. I’ve just start the P31 OBS with “So That” and am already inspired. Would love to win to share this book with others!

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