It’s Go Time…A Dream Has Launched

Well, the site has launched. A dream of mine has taken flight and now the unknown. I must enjoy the ride and try not to control. Will I choose to trust? Endure the kinks and the bumps along the way. I am in safest place I can be – the center of His will for my life. That I am certain. I’m also a ball of nerves. I will not tell a lie.

I’m anxious. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m elated. I’m exhausted. I’m emotional, I’m grateful. I am blessed. No wonder my husband just dashed out for a jog. Wouldn’t you get some distance from me? My heart feels like it’s pacing the house – just the unknown of tomorrow.

My friend Tanya has always told me the safest place is in the center of God’s will so I definitely feel safe tonight. I am a control freak you know. So, the perfectionist in me doesn’t know quite how to plan for the unknown. I think God is probably giggling at this post. Saying if you’ll just really let go and let ME… I’ve got this. Enjoy what I WANT TO DO with this and it will be the thrill of your life.

It reminds me of both of my children learning to swing. So scared, gripped so tight, kind of trusting but knuckles white, moments of fun then fear and STOP, then ok a little higher than back to gripping tight – and NOW they both know I’ve got them – the swing has them. They can TRUST and enjoy the ride. They don’t have to understand every single detail and how long this ride will last or what turns it might take – but if we’ll TRUST, it is sure to be joyful and life-changing.


FANTASTIC NEWS FOR YOU… You are about to hear from all the blog contributors over the next several weeks. The entries are coming in and you are in for a treat. From marriage to getting pregnant to raising boys to raising girls – each woman has such great perspective to share.

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