State of My Blog Letter – Happy New Year!


Happy New Year friends!

I feel like it’s a practical joke that it’s 2016. Weren’t we just hoarding bread and batteries for Y2K? What in the world! I am pretty sure I still have an awesome wool sweater vest from the Limited that “just might come back into style.”

AND BY THE WAY – I almost passed out the other day because it hit me that we are HALFWAY done with Ella. Consider me toast. She is 9. Let’s do the math. 9×2=18.

Insert all the crying emojis (I never know which ones are crying laughing or really crying). I need all the really crying ones right about now.)

Y’all – this is serious business. She will be 18 and probably already GONE and attending Auburn University and living in the Quad and living with Mallory or Emma Kate.


That was not on the agenda.

What I wanted to tell you – was that I’m OUT for 2016. Well, as a regular blogger.

DO NOT FRET! I have pulled in the big dogs. This isn’t flippant. I am not falling off the deep end. There’s just no time. Between being a wife and a mom – and speaking and products, etc … the blog is moving down some notches in 2016. So, for the 8 of you left – I’m so sorry.

It’s less about my balance issues – and more about where God is taking me this year.

My precious mentor met Jesus last Fall. As I sat in the midst of my dream funeral, I began to number my days, just as she encouraged us to do. I assessed my own life as I watched her kids and husband honor her on stage. Regina’s life was simple yet wildly profound. She adored Jesus and her family and influenced others to do the same. I left with a goal for 2016 … I wanted to get back to my year with Regina. So, I’m inviting you to do that with me.

I am going back to my notes from my Titus 2 year with her. I am going back through books we read together (here’s my list book list for 2016). I am rereading every note I took, every verse we memorized 10 years ago. She was more than just a friend. She was a wise counselor. Her celebration and the lives there were such proof to me that each day matters.


The best part? It wasn’t her wisdom – it was God in her. She always pointed us to Him – on every topic. And you know why I’m doing this? Yes, it’s part of missing her. But, in her book lies the very best topics. The short list. Not “new ideas” for the new year. Just a refresher course on the main things of life and eternity.

Intimacy with Christ.




And more.

As I yearn to have one more talk with her – I realize I can. I find myself knowing what she’d say – it’s in my Bible.

Each month this year in 2016, my blog will have a FOCUS for us as MOMS! It’ll be pretty simple, yet pretty profound – just so Regina! Don’t get too excited – it’s really only going to be like ONE BLOG post a MONTH!

I’ll have ONE trusted friend write each month – so one post a month (i.e. January is Intimacy with God). In that blog post, they will not only share their insights or struggles on the topic – they will also interview a MENTOR of theirs on that topic. Regina is dancing on a cloud. Double whammy! You get wisdom from a friend of mine PLUS you hear from mentors all year long. Woohoo!!!

Get it? fun!

If you are interested in the other topics that will be coming, you can peak over at the Titus 2 site – just know it’s set up for MENTORS as they get material for their mentees. You’ll have to sign up as mentor to get the material. And I encourage you to do that. What if you signed up and went through it this year and prayed God would bring you a group of young women to mentor next year? Just a season behind you? You don’t have to be a scholar – just be willing..

I am so excited about this, because it’s my year to soak in and hear more than share.

So, that’s the great blog plan of 2016. You heard it here. 12 posts for the year (and I’m sure I’ll trickle in a few “urgent” ones here and there). That’s all. And I feel so fired up about this simple plan for the year.

How will this work?

1. If you were one of Regina’s mentees – Simply read your books again and read back through your notes. Maybe spend some time journaling your new findings and share your thoughts on her Titus 2 Facebook Page. And stop by here this month and check out what other mentors/writers are saying on the topic each month. Here are the books I’ve chosen.

2. If you are new and wish you had been mentored and like this idea – join us! MONTH 1 is INTIMACY with CHRIST. She recommends “A Place of Quiet Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss to read. No pressure to read – but it’s a good one if you’re looking to be encouraged about daily time with God. I’ll write on this topic within the next week-ish.


3. EASIEST TRACK EVER. Just sign up to get my blog posts each month – on sidebar and you’ll just simply read a blog post each month. One topic each month. No pressure to read a book or get stressed. Just soak it in and be encouraged! 🙂

4. Want to be a mentor? If you have EVER considered being a mentor to women and haven’t known where to start. I HIGHLY encourage you to check out Regina’s site. It is all there. Women from all over are changed because of her work. Take time to work through it and you will see. I am praying God will bring me a group of young moms that I can lead beginning in 2017. I want to shore up my life in these areas first.

5. WANT A MENTOR? Having a mentor and I’ve had several – from Bobbie Wolgemuth to Linda Werner to Regina Williams to David Salyers – they have shaped me beyond what I can describe. Don’t wait for it. Began praying and began asking people to coffee. Seek this out. Whether it’s formally or informally. Mention your desire everywhere you go. This is something of interest to the Lord – pray that He will bring someone into your path. We need women in our lives to guide us. Treasure them. Listen. Learn. You are never too old to mentor or to need mentor. You are never too young to mentor or to need a mentor. We all need each other. Don’t second guess what God is up to. He’ll provide the content. It’s in His word. Just be available and willing.


Happy New Year friends. Praying for a super rich year for you and your families. I do believe He is the light of the world – and with Him in you – your families can light up the world. Keep up the great work.


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  1. So excited for you and a year of relaxing from blogging. I’m sure it will be a wonderful and much needed break for you as you tackle so many other things! Looking forward to the monthly posts. I hope you find much blessing and many fond memories as your go back through everything your mentor did with you. I lost my mom in June of last year, and I frequently think the same thing-wishing for one more conversation. And yet I can hear all the things she used to say to me and it brings joy to my heart knowing I’ll always have my memories with her. What joy there will be when we see them again!

  2. watch it. I wore a wool vest on my first date with tall thomas. it was and is super cool. trending again.

    stellar book list!!

  3. Hey Courtney, just wanted to say hi and hope your year is filled with God directed moments. Let your soul breathe and appreciate the smallness. I think you are an amazing writer, mom, wife and you have so much to offer God and others. And I needed to encourage you today. Have a wonderful week!

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