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It’s Just a House

You’ll have to hang with me – as I process this move.

We’ll get back to something light and funny at some point!

Yesterday, I gave the girls a bath in the morning.

I was too beat the night before since Ron is in FL

and the goal is survive and get in bed.

(Single moms and those with traveling husbands get a medal of honor. Gracious!)


I was thinking “it’s just a house” and it’s the people I’ll miss.

Then, as they splashed and giggled it all started flooding.

It’s not just a house.

It was our first house.


(Yes, it snows like 1 day a year in ATL. Only photo I could find.)

Ron and I were so excited to buy our first home after we got married.

Same floors, where I sat to reflect during their bath…

is where I sat begging God to let us get pregnant.


Same bathtub where I cried my eyes out during baby blues

wondering if I was strong enough to be a mom.


Same house where my heart would combust with love when I saw

first steps, first clap, first “bye-bye” to Daddy, first words,

first time being a big sis and many more.


It was this house where our marriage would be tested and strengthened.

It was this house where Lil Light O’ Mine would be born.


It was this house where we would host many parties

and special moments for friends.

It was this house where I watched my tiny babies grow into little girls.

It was this house where many nights were slept on the couch

with babies on my chest.

Where the greatest neighbors fed me for weeks after each child.

Where you could call anyone for an egg or playdate with a moment’s notice.


It’s a list of gratitude.

God has been around us through it all and

I am thankful to have a chance to reflect on his goodness in our lives.

Thankful we have this exciting chance to take an adventure together.

I hope I keep my eyes focused on the journey ahead and the blessings that will flow.

NOT on the sadness and the things that I will miss.

He is good. He is SO good and He loves us so much.

I am often reminded:

The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.

We are headed there on Saturday.


PS – this is how the girls are following along since they can’t read yet.

note the typos even on there. i move too fast always!

i do these whenever i go out of town or ron does so they know what to expect.

 you like the old school paper from my dad’s office? 🙂

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