It’s Time to Run

I am so honored and so so glad, my friend Katie Peters, emailed me with this blog post at just the right time. I stayed up until 2 am last night glued to my computer screen watching every session I could of the IF Gathering. All of the sessions are only up until midnight tonight! And, they are seriously incredible. World-changing. Katie was there actually in Austin. Many of my friends were watching live at “IF Local” events. This post is a glimpse of the heartbeat of this movement. And I’m still processing what I heard. – Courtney


Photo from Jennie Allen‘s site. 


It’s Time by Katie Peters

A new thing is happening.

It’s a big thing and thousands of women went to bed last night reeling with the knowledge of what they have seen and wondering what they are going to do with with it.
“It” being this baton that has been passed.
“It” being the question that was laid out before us nearly a year ago.
A question that dragged us out of numb contentment and up out of mire and away from the good works we are already doing and placed us all in a dark room in Austin.

“If God is real, then what?”

If HE is real,
then what HE says is true
and who HE says we are is true
and what HE says we are capable of is true
and then the Glory that is coming is actually on it’s way
and hurtling towards us.
So now what?
In my little patch of earth, the other women like me are rolling out of bed and stumbling towards their K-cups, and smart phones and in a hour or so are going to be out in this world; repeating a chevron-patterned, Pinterest mantra: Keep Calm and Carry On.
Here’s the thing:
I think it just might be time to Freak out and Grab the Baton.
all of those things about my God
and all of those things about me
and all of those things about all of the humans on this earth
are true
and we only have this undefined amount of time we were given.

It’s time to run.

Hand Passing Baton, Motion Blur

Thanks again Katie for sharing your beautiful heart from your IF moments in Austin. Keep them coming!

Visit Katie’s blog here.


Did you go?

Did you listen?

What is your brain and heart telling you to do with this?

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