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I’ve Found Blogger Peace

I have decided to throw out all of the made-up blogger rules I have heard by “experts” on how much I should post and when and about what…

this is my corner of the internet, my heart, my own personal ministry and goals.

I love being my own boss and not worrying about the results. If no one comes or numbers tank, I have the freedom of zilcho advertisers and zero income goals for this site. Please don’t take this as a message for others – this is really just my own freedom in why I have this blog.  I don’t love getting pulled down by others or things rules that don’t really apply to me. Hooray for personal filters!

My only goal has always been and continues to be: one mom impacted per post.

How’s that for setting the bar low? 🙂 It has done my heart so good. Each time with one mom in mind – it makes it worth it. I want to empower moms and change little lives if one is impacted through the effort I take – job well done. So far – 100% success rate on my goal.  Ssomeone emails me or comments on Facebook to know they didn’t just “like” – it impacted them or helped them or met them where they needed it most.

So, if I’m fired up about something – I’ve got something to say – I will blog.

If I have prayed and feel really burdened to share with you – here it comes.

If a topic moves me from another mom – coming your way.

I do not have a set calendar (I probably should at some point).

I do not have a number of days in my head.

It’s why you won’t see tons of my daily reports/photos of what we are doing each day. I would LOVE to – it just takes so much time. So, follow me on Instagram if you won’t those kind of updates. We are a silly family up to all kinds of nonsense. I just have to pick and choose where I invest those hours like everyone.

So, today – my best friend since I was 5 is here.

And my heart is so incredibly full.


Her daughter is competing in a cheerleading competition here. She is 14 and I can’t believe it.

She was the first baby girl I ever loved. I remember balling my eyes out in the waiting room at the thought of my best friend enduring the pain of childbirth.

I remember thinking of all the days we loved our cabbage patch kids – and then we actually had one to hold and dress and kiss. A real one!

And, then here are our two first baby girls together. So big.


So, I have many blog posts in the hopper and books to read and things overdue.

I’d rather live it out than write many days.

So, I’m headed to Disney to soak up every second I can with a lifetime friend that I would walk across the earth for. She knows the very depths of my heart and I would seriously adopt her kids today if she asked. And, I walked through a very uncomfortable shaky moment for me and her daughter – but I took the nudge from my Heavenly Father. I told her how much I loved her, how I’d walk through the rough years of high school with her and a few other things on my heart. I just believe life is too short not to push through a bit of awkwardness to say the things we know we need to say.

Are old friends seriously the best?

31 years is a lot of stories.

Oh the dirt I could tell her almost high-schooler…

PS – do not follow this approach if you are trying to build a blogger empire. I have small, sweet community that I adore. This is just a tale of me personally and how I found rest/peace and not pressure to post when I have not squat to say. There are some that have thousands, like hundreds of thousands coming that would probably not give you this advice. Just assess why you blog and your main goals and proceed accordingly.

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