I’ve been keeping a secret! A new product!


I can finally tell you! There’s a new product COMING!!!

And this one has quite the story. And it begins with Grammy (Ron’s mom).

She has a tradition with the girls. And they love it. Whenever she visit us (or we visit them), one of the very first things that happens – she measures the girls. She has them stand up right next to her and she measures their growth on her body. She says things like,

My Ella how you’ve grown! Pretty sure you’re going to be up to my chin soon!”

Sometimes they’ll stand back-to-back and sometimes they will hug and she’ll do an imaginary mark with her hand and remember where just how tall they are on that day. And remember for next time.


During the last holiday visit to Grammy’s house, she was doing her measuring ritual and Poppy had on a striped shirt. I said, “I sure wish we could write the measurement on that shirt!” And I had a light bulb product moment.

We jumped in the car to drive back to Orlando and I texted the guys at Magnolia Lane this concept. They loved it. I sketched ideas. Cabell began designing it (she has a new site by the way – cute stuff!), we did samples and here we are! (All that happened over months and months).

A new product was born from a precious tradition between Grammy and my girls.
Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 6.11.27 AM

The Measure Me Grammy Apron!

I am so thrilled how it turned out. Let me answer quick questions.

  • Does it always say Grammy? NO! It’s just named after our Grammy – but that area will be blank and you can personalize it by writing any grandparent name on there (Omie, Meese, Grandma) with a fabric marker or having it monogrammed.


  • What if we are different heights? We left the inch numbers off! It has the tick marks so that the inches are accurate, but since we all are different heights, we left off numbers. You can either write them in or just not worry about it. Kids just want to see they are growing from year to year or moment to moment. They don’t really care their exact height.


  • Room to write? We only put a few cute grandmother growth sayings on there and left plenty of room for you to mark down your grandchildren. Simply write, “Emma Kate, Christmas 2015” or “Harper, Easter 2016” and watch them grow. You can use any permanent or fabric marker.
  • Care instructions? It’s a standard, one size fits all apron. Machine wash cold and hang to dry.
  • Price? It will retail for approximately $29.99 depending on the location where it’s sold. Prices shown here include tax and shipping. Obviously stores will get them at cost – and need to contact Magnolia Lane for that price.
  • When are they available? They will be shipping in AUGUST – but stores can order NOW through Magnolia Lane. So, you can begin alerting your favorite buyers and stores now! So that you are sure to get them near you – a GREAT Christmas gift this year.


Why an apron?

You are known for ABC Scripture Cards – an apron? I know! This one does feel amusing in some ways to add to my list of products. However, Light ‘Em Up gifts is all about traditions in the home. My goal has always been to bring more purpose and meaning to your home. Not just to fill it with more gifts and decor. This new product does that. It gives grandmothers a sweet moment and memory with their grandchildren.


Where to purchase?

STORES can begin ordering NOW from Magnolia Lane Collection – they will begin shipping in AUGUST.

As a customer, you can send this blog post link to your favorite local store – we will be at Atlanta market selling these and most stores are there making their purchases for the Fall. Send them by the Magnolia Lane area (Building 2, Floor 18, Magnolia Lane). We also have Conversation Cups and ABC Scripture Cards there. That way you can save on shipping and always have the Light ‘Em Up Gifts line in a store locally.

When they are ready in AUGUST for you to order online, I will notify you via this site and social media. Thanks for your patience!



Who wants one for their grandmother? Let’s give one away before they are even out on the market! Enter below!

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  1. we have three! Gran, Nannie, and Grandmama! They would each love one of these for their grandkids! Awesome product Courtney!

  2. This is the BEST idea! I may just keep it for myself, since my girls and I cook and bake together quite a bit!

  3. LOVE this idea! Great picture of Joanne and the girls! I want one for myself and my mom! 🙂

  4. Terrific idea for grandmothers to share their delight in seeing their grandchildren”s growth in life.

  5. would love a few of these for grandmas to be and those with many grands…getting one for Granna and Grandma! What a sweet idea. We did this for years with the grands on our doorframe, had to leave it all behind when we moved:>(

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