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Join Me! A Parent Conference, Writers Conference and More.

Does this happen to you?  If I don’t “unload” a few things off my list or brain … it feels like it might explode.

As you might have suspected, I score off the charts on personality charts on the creative side so it’s why I have A.D.D. as a blogger. I just keep slaying you with more stuff and more stuff. I’m so sorry. I really need to just journal it and not hit “publish” every time an idea runs past my brain cells. Geez oh pete. Annyoying.

Back to the unload. These things are actually exciting and worthy of air time,



Parent Conference for Orlando Friends!

I am soooooo pumped. You’ve probably heard me talk about David Thomas and Sissy Goff before. I met them through DotMom conference by Lifeway. I’ve heard them speak several times and read many of their books. They are amazing.


I’m SO EXCITED to announce they are coming to Orlando at my church for a two-day conference. FEBRUARY 7-8! So, book your sitter right now. It’s Friday night and half-day on Saturday and worth every single penny you will spend. Guys will not be bored.


They are counselors at one of the most well-known counseling centers for kids in the country. They love Jesus and vintage values – but they absolutely get modern times. They talk about social media, raising boys vs girls, discipline and MUCH MORE.

I’ll be on the front row – scribbling notes again. Anyone invited. Register here


New book by Brenna’s Mom

I’ve introduced you to Brenna before and her adorable mom that has open my eyes to the powerful principle of – celebrating differences.


I just love connecting with other moms in the blog world that get inspired and take action. Courtney has already released one great book on photography and her latest kids book, That’s How You Know, has just come out! It is precious.



Enter to win by just saying hello. I’ll pick one random winner.


Sandra Stanley is a blogger.

I know, it is shocking. I bet she is still in shock. Andy Stanley was my pastor in Atlanta – of North Point Ministries. His best-kept-secret… is his wife. She rarely got on stage and when she did – an army of women said “MORE!!!” She is incredibly wise and quite a leader herself. I think many women like me were begging for more and she finally said, YES. She is using her voice to mentor young moms like us. Hooray!

Did you know she is a contributor here at Lil Light O’ Mine? You’ll here from her tomorrow. In the meantime, go check out her blog. Congrats Sandra. We all need wise mentors. And, we’d kill to sit at your kitchen table – but we’ll settle for a blog. Thanks for your YES. Her new blog.


Are you a writer or speaker?

The last two years are still a fog to me. I still cannot believe that I sat down with author Lysa TerKeurst, she said, “Come to She Speaks” and I went. I brought a book proposal (why not? there are publishers there). And, now I have a book coming out this Fall. Bonkers.

The story is much longer and I will share the entire thing which involves loads of prayer, meetings, counsel and God’s confirmations.

Fast forward to this year, and I am speaking at the dern conference. What in the world. Two breakouts.

If you are a speaker or a writer, or ever dreamed about it. I’d LOVE for you to come. It’s this summer and it’s an investment – but one that could literally change your future. Think on it. More information on She Speaks here.

Free Home Management Printables

My sweet friend Kayse has so many great resources for the home and they are FREE right now. Not always – but right now – free to print. I’m going and using pronto. My house is a situation and a half. Thanks Kayse! GET HERE! 


OK – that’s about four blog posts in one. Getting caught up. Good times.

Love to you!

PS – Reading Ephesians and it’s like a big hug from Jesus. He’s the real deal.

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  1. What a delight to start to know a fun mom who is passionate about her. God and her family! I want the book for my amazing 7 month old grandson and will gladly purchase it! I believe I will be a winner just reading and sharing your book!

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