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A giveaway with Joni Lay (she’s insane)


I am getting so much better at comparison and the close friend of that devil – coveting. However, when anything Joni Lay does comes across my screen – I drool a little.

This girl is TRULY gifted. Her eye, her creativity – it’s insane.

I might try something – I might send her a box of random stuff – like a stick, a hammer, underwear and a trophy – and I bet she would decorate a room worthy of Land of Nod catalog. Wait, she’s already been in there.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got ideas. They just look like it’s toddler craft time over here.


She’s the creative genius behind ReProm for Care For Aids.

She just whips up a play house that leaves me splotchy.


Here’s the deal though – it gets worse. You know when you meet someone so pretty but they are a jerk? You can almost be OK with their annoying beauty.

And then you meet someone like Joni. She is so talented and beautiful – but her heart for Jesus and serving others is what comes flowing so fast out of her. We have mutual friends – they are really her besties. I just pretend we are tight. You can only love someone so pure.

One of the ways I have found to combat comparison and coveting – is to celebrate other women. To make a conscious choice to appreciate another one’s gifts. Because we all have them. They are just different.

Ella said to Larson the other day regarding a rude game of freckle count. “Larson, it’s not a competition. It’s what God gave you.” AMEN Ella.

Joni – you’re killing it. You’re not perfect. You’re humble. You’re a risk taker and you inspire me so much.

I’m honored to know you.


Gracious Gifts from Joni

1) She’s giving away my book on her site today

2) She’s giving away a FREE 18×24 POSTER PRINT  right here! (you pick which print)




How to win a giant poster by Joni? Just enter below by CELEBRATING ONE FRIEND that you admire. Just say her name and why you are proud of her. Enter by Monday at midnight.


FREE FOR ALL – Just peruse her nursery inspiration and amazing ideas on her site. You might reverse a medical procedure – just to have another baby after this.

Let’s keep celebrating vs condemning ourselves. It would be SO BORING if we were all the same. Let’s work together to further the kingdom. Joni – on your team.


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  1. I greatly admire my friend Candice H. She has three young kids and is going back to school to pursue her passion – teaching.

  2. I admire my friend Erin C. because she works so hard taking care of her beautiful and spirited children while her husband works long hours. She is often alone for what seems like days and always finds a way to love and bring sunshine to her childrens’ day!

  3. I greatly admire my friend Kem and her unwavering faith in the midst of so many trying circumstances.

  4. My friend, Melanie, is who I consider my closest friend because she expects nothing but sincerity from myself and others which challenges me to move past surface feelings and to the heart of issues. Because that honesty and a reliance on God to pour out truth over us exists in our friendship, I can honestly say she knows me better than anyone (other than my husband) and I hope I can say the same about her. She is a beautiful woman but her greatest beauty is the amazing heart God has given her for others.

  5. My friend Amy is amazing. She has 5 children, 4 of whom were adopted, and she always has time to give me a Biblical perspective on my own stuff. That means the world to me!

  6. I love my son Lionel’s friend Naomi’s mom, Fenecia. She’s a total rockstar as she’s gearing up for baby no. 2, a boy, due this summer!

  7. I admire my friend Laree for being so faithful to pray, always so patient to listen, and forever seeing the best in everyone.

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  8. I look up to my friend Maria, who recently became a single mom and everyday works her but off to give her kids the best life.

  9. I admire my friend and cousin Lindsay who continues everyday with a smile on her face even though she’s recently had incredible loss. Love her!

  10. I adore my grandma. She raised four sons, some of whom made decisions she didn’t like, but she managed to let them know she was disappointed while still fostering unconditional love for each of them. She’s my hero! And today she enjoys uncommonly close relationships with all her boys.

  11. Dani! After a mess divorce, she went back to school and got not only a bachelors degree but a masters! All while raising her 4 beautiful children.

  12. My friend Katie. She is a wonderful mama to her little girl and a inspiration to me. She is always there for me when I need someone to talk to or go out for some late night ice cream when the kids go to bed 😉

  13. I’m proud of my best friend, Susan. She balances work, school, a husband, renovating a house, and a family that lives in another country. Despite all of these things pulling her in different directions, she always achieves her goals with grace and optimism, no matter how much elbow grease it takes. (Also, her next goal starts with “B” and ends with “ABY”! Yay!).

  14. Katie Mary for being resilient and always believing in love and family, even through the worst of times.

  15. I admire my friend Delia. She is busy enough with her own life but always takes time to see how I’m doing especially when I’m going through a tough time.

  16. I greatly admire my friend Courtney. She continues to challenge me by constantly being vulnerable. Connecting others, encouraging and pouring out. Love you!

  17. I admire my friend Marilyn who is a creative, Spirit-filled, prayer warrior showering sacrificial love on all around her.

  18. I’m celebrating my friend, Melanie Dale, because she wrote an awesome book about women and how they can forge friendships that last a lifetime. By writing Women are Scary, she proved they aren’t scary at all…they’re the best!

  19. Amanda, although she had a rough childhood, she is one of the best mom’s I know. I really admire her.

  20. I admire my new friend Julia. She recently moved to our town so her husband could pastor our church. She has started a women’s ministry and a Bible study based on women’s worth and our insecurities and how God can use us. She’s letting God use her weakness to make others strong. We all need to build each other up like you are saying and she is trying to do this so women can realize God can use them too.

  21. I admire & appreciate my friend Lori. She has faithfully followed what she knew was right for her and her family with limited resources and little support. She has continued to press on and serve others no matter what difficulties have come her way.

  22. I celebrate my friend and sister Liana. She’s a super mom to three awesome kids and a nurse. She got thru all her schooling after her kids were born–three kids within 3 years! Always kind, and helpful, and willing to pray for you. Love her so. ❤️

  23. i admire my sister in law Jessica. She is a stay at home mom of 3 boys (5,3, and 9 months) she amazes me that she keeps it so together and how much fun they have.

  24. I admire my friend, Meaghan. She’s about to graduate with her Master’s while working full time in special needs ministry and raising two awesome boys. Such an inspiration!

  25. Two friends I admire one my army battle: ismayra and two: Amarilys my elementary friend… Still to this day. Both are fearless, free spirited, determined, benevolent, and radiate light with a smile… You know all will be well if needed or it’s fun time… Inspiring and captivating. Love them both extradionary friends and mothers. God bless much appreciated and grateful to have crossed paths with both.

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