Just Be the You He Made


I am confident in the One who made me.

I believe He loves me more than I can fathom.

I believe He has forgiven me for everything I have ever done.

I am confident that I will be with Him in eternity.

Because I believe in Jesus, His very one and only Son.

I believe Jesus paid it all when He breathed His last breathe upon the cross.

Then up from the grave He arose on the third day.

He has defeated death.

In Him, and Him alone, there is life everlasting.

So how can little ol me serve such a great big God?

How can I possibly help Him in anything He wants to accomplish?

He defeated the grave, after all.

That’s a fact.

And no one else has ever done it.

What could I, wife to Art, mom to three, mini-van driving, budget-watching, Katie have to offer to our God?

After all, He would be just fine without me.

I could go along with life, easy peasy, not searching for opportunities to serve Him, or make Him known.

I could go to church. Listen. Teach my children His truths.

That could be just fine.

He would be just fine.

He can finish what He will with or without me.

But, oh what JOY shall fill my soul to know that I can play a small part in His wonderful, intricate, perfect plan!

What if I asked, “What can I do?”  And what if He answered?

What if he showed me my potential?

What if I am not meant to do BIG things?

What if I am meant for small things?

Small things add up to big things after all.

I love the small things.

And I think that is what He is telling me lately.

I hear Him say,

“Katie, my daughter.  I have made you how I want you.

You know how you like to encourage others?

I made you that way.  Use it.  Encourage those I put in front of you today.

You think it’s by chance. A coincidence?  Just a fleeting thought of your own?

No. It is Me, your Heavenly Father,

who knows when others need encouragement.  And I send them to you.”

Y’all, I can hear that.  Not out loud.  But it’s in my heart as I drive down the interstate with Dora blasting through the minivan.  Or while I am pushing my baby girl on the swing while the boy naps in the stroller.

I start day-dreaming about how I can make this world better, how I can help lead others to Christ.

The way I see others doing.

Do I have to start a business?

Do I have to have a big-time blog?

Do I have to become a speaker?

Or write a book?

God, I feel helpless.

We tithe.  We pray.  But really, come on.  How can I help you? I want to help.

And a warmth comes over me.

“You are doing what I need, Katie.

Trust in Me.

I have put you where you need to be.


Reach out to others.

Get a little uncomfortable.

It’s not always the big stuff I need.

It’s little things too.

Call a friend.

Offer to take a meal.

Stop and look at the bagger in the eyes.

Ask about their children.

Ask someone their story.

Slow down.

Be you.

I made you.

And I love you.

And there is much you can accomplish for me.

If you’ll just see your potential.

And play to your strengths.”


There may be BIG things in my future.

But right now,

I am doing a great work.

And I cannot come down.

I am doing my thing.

For His Kingdom.

Can I do more? Of course.

But now, I have a peace that I am good enough.

As I am.

Doing what I do.

And that’s all.

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