You are MORE Than Just a Mom


Ok girls. Katie here…

I have written and rewritten this. I think because this is really a topic to be having at a kitchen table with a cup of coffee or maybe some chicken salad!  Because then you would see me, teary-eyed. Because I am just emotional like that. And I have big tears and you would know that what I am saying here, well, that I really l mean it. I feel passionately about this. And I struggle with it too.  Almost daily. But I know the truth.  So, it is my turn to share it!

Let’s start with this.

There is no one like our God.

Yall, He is amazing. He is at work in every single one of us.  It may be obvious what He is doing through you or it may not be, but I assure you that whatever He is doing, it is GOOD.  And He will finish it.

You may have nothing tangible to show for all of the diapers you have changed or teeth you have brushed today.

Or you may have just completed the first chapter of your first book.



But friends, our Heavenly Father sees all of us and we are all precious in His sight.


We just are.  And that is truth.

For me, sometimes truth is not always so clear.  And lies become louder.

They are so loud.

Does that ever happen to you?

Does doubt ever creep in?

Ever think there must be more?

Surely there is more.

Than diapers. And lunches. And laundry. And legos underfoot.

And dirty dishes. And scattered toys. And total exhaustion.


Lord, can I do more?  Please, just give me something to do for You.


I don’t really care if people see it. I just want to know that I am doing SOMETHING!

Other women seem to have these wonderful things to do for you.

Am I not capable of doing great things too?




I have prayed this little prayer more than my fair share of times.

If you can even call it a prayer. It sounds more like a plea.

I guess you could say I struggle with doubt. And fear. And inadequacy.  And such as.

But so often I feel like I should be doing MORE than what I am doing.

Eventually I realized the only person to talk to this about is Jesus.

Over time I have learned that these insecurities are not from him.

They just aren’t.


What I have finally learned is this.


When I really draw close to the Lord.

When I can really hear Him clearly.

This is what I hear Him saying.

And I think this is what He would say to many of you.

Who also fall into the “just a mom” category with me.



He has us right where he wants us.


Our job is so important.

We are raising little warriors for Jesus.

We are shaping sweet babies and teaching them Gods word.

And about their Savior.

We are showing them what a woman who follows Jesus looks like.




They will remember our loud laugh.

And that we jumped on the trampoline.

And drew hearts on their lunch napkins.

And sang to them at bedtime.

And found sand dollars in our jammies.

They will remember our silliness in the car.

And gatorades in carpool line.

And handing out candy canes at Christmas.


So, please.  Can we choose to see immense value in what we are doing?


God sees the value.  He sees us.

He knows it is not easy all the time.

But He also knows how important this job is.  This gift of being “just a mom”.

He sees so much potential in each one of us – potential that we cannot see.




Now, if you do feel more of a tug at your heart that there really is more to be doing then I suggest hitting your knees and asking the Lord what He would have you do.  Chances are good He wants to open your eyes to opportunities around you.

Friends, we are a powerful force.  We can do great great things and reflect Jesus to the world in the middle of our daily grind.

It can seriously just be being available to friends as they need help here and there.

Or remembering a birthday card for your favorite cashiers at Publix.


We are united in Jesus.

Girls, lets champion each other.

Lets cheer loud

We have the same goal in mind.

To share Jesus with the world.

The way we each do that may look different than our neighbors, but stick with it.

You are doing a GREAT WORK!

Do not quit.

Do not give up.


And when you feel like its just not enough. Remember, you are more than just a mom.

Talk to Jesus, and then call me.

Because I will be that friend to remind you that you are doing such an awesome job.

And also that God is so faithful and loves you so very much!

All my love, Katie

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  1. Katie,
    You are an awesome mom, doing awesome things! Your kids are going to know how to love those around them so well, because you show them that daily. You are truly an inspiration in that area to me and so many other moms.

  2. Wow! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for this post. I literally just had this conversation with my husband yesterday. I was explaining how I felt as though I should be doing more than “just being Mom.” He chuckled and told me I had no idea how MUCH I was doing, and the importance of what I am doing. As I sit here, right now, playing doctor’s office with my eldest (my baby is napping..”phew”), you have answered my prayer by acknowledging I am exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this moment in time. THANK YOU again.

  3. this is why i pay you the big bucks… hugs. you are WAY more than just a mom. one incredible wife. a STRONG momma. dedicated follower of Jesus. behind the scenes rock solid friend. thoughtful caretaker to soooo many. you just rule my friend. thanks for following God’s call for you – only you and not taking on something just because you should. i look up to you more than you’ll ever know.

  4. Katie; you said it perfectly! This is something I have struggled with for years. And it’s usually a need to please and impress others that gets me there. What can I tell people I’m doing?! And that is NOT from The Lord at all! You nailed it. And I want so many more moms to read this message!

  5. Kates-
    Just what I needed to read tonight. I guess The Lord knew that this morning when I wasn’t finding the link. I adore the way you love your kids and play the role as mom and wife so perfectly for your life. You live this out everyday and cling hard for it even on the bad days. I hope someone does call if they need encouragement because your authenticity will bless them immensely. You are a treasure.

  6. love you, katie and your STRENGTH. imma take you up on this offer to call you. you know i have and i will! praise the Lord for your encouragement to me and countless others you’ll never know til that day.

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