Kids Are Lighting It Up

light em up summer logoDo you love to celebrate precious kids with hearts for OTHERS? Me too! I am sooooo happy to know these families and have a chance to celebrate them today.


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As I walked into Larson’s back-to-school check up this week, I was so delighted that Nurse Ginger at took the time to tell me the sweetest story about her nephew.




Jeremiah, age 5, was on a great vacation with his family. He was so excited about their hotel and had a lot of questions about the bed being made like, who did this?. It led to a great teaching moment and discussion. Would you believe that precious family thought to THANK the HOUSEKEEPING STAFF EACH DAY?





He took this very seriously. He made cards and left HIS OWN MONEY for them as an extra tip. I LOVE IT!!! I am so very proud you Jeremiah. I heard you guys were the talk of that hotel. I know you LIT UP the hearts of the entire staff.





You might remember Cate – my little Light ‘Em Up rock star from Christmas. I love this kid. Her and her precious sister live in our neighborhood. Again, nothing to do with me – and everything to do with the work God and their parents are doing in the hearts of these girls.




They had an idea for a lemonade stand and they have been working all week. We were so excited to be their first customers today. That’s Larson with her new short haircut posing with Cate.


They had baked good, delicious homemade lemonade and ALL OF IT – proceeds going to homeless and pet adoption.


Are you ready for this? These girls raised $149 today the homeless and pet adoption!


Get out of town! I love it!!! What an amazing experience for those kids to see generous hearts in our community to unite and support them. They stepped out in faith and did something for others and look how God provided. Beautiful!


And to think how the staff of Jeremiah’s hotel was impacted – the stories they told. This stuff makes my heart combust.


If you want some ideas on how to LIGHT UP your communities. There is LOADS of free stuff in this blog post. Just print some out and let the KIDS LEAD. They are much more engaged when they own it.


Happy Summer. Light ‘Em Up!

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  1. Courtney these are AMAZING stories!! I know I have said it before, but how I wish I had your web site when I was a young mom. What great example for moms to use to encourage our kids to serve and put others before themselves…to look outside themselves and “see” the needs of others.

    You and your web site are truly a blessing!!


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