My kids are asking to move


We’ve only been at my parents a few days and my kids are asking to move here. They have figured out how we will make money – lemonade sales, selling our things, selling my book. They want Pop to be their homeschool teacher. It is so cute.



Yes, it is a little piece of paradise. They do have their fairy garden by Meese.


What they feel is the love of family. Two years ago – we could drive 20 minutes in either direction and all be together. Now, it’s twice a year that we are all together in one piece.



We count down the weeks and hours and minutes until this time of the year when we know the cousins are together.


They love their sacred rituals with each grandparent – hair brushing and under the dock swimming with Pop. Cooking, hiking, and fairy garden making with Meese. They love chasing and swimming with their cousins.



They love that this trip represents the simple pleasures of life – eat, play, swim, snuggle. Just do summer. Together.



And the stories. There is something about them seeing their mom as a little girl and as a sister through stories and old photos. And understanding I have a dad and a mom and a sister and a brother. And we used to fight too – but ultimately we love big, really big.



And we are there for each other. Celebrating birthdays when we can.




And we pray together.




And we talk about what Jesus is teaching us and where we are struggling.



I want them to experience faith – the way I did growing up. That faith isn’t a list of rules and consequences – it’s a relationship. He’s alive and working and his goodness is breathtaking. He bonds us all.



Through our move to Orlando, away from this family – He has blessed us beyond measure. He has bonded us closer and made us treasure the relationships even more.



My brother is on a trip with his wife so can you imagine the fun we are having playing babysitter of this angel?



Thankful, so so thankful, Lord for the people in this family. They love like you. They seek after you. They show my kids a glimpse of you.

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  1. It’s so hard to live away from family, but it is so sweet when you can all be together again. You sure captured this in all your photos!

  2. Love this post and all the sweet pics! We just spent 10 days with our cousins and my kids are lost without them now. Nothing like good memories!

  3. We are the closest to our parents as we’ve been in all of our married life (14 hrs); I get you on this! 🙂

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