Kids Bug Some People

Just take a minute to take in this photo.

Oh I love this photo!


I took this in April of Kelli’s two girls.

Their FIRST time surfing.

The lady in the middle was their surfing instructor

(they had just met minutes before).

Do you see how she is cheering them on with arms as far as she can reach?

Knowing the girls cannot see her but is that supportive?

I have thought about this image alot.


This is never more evident than on planes, restaurants, standing in line.

You can quickly pick out these people in the world.

(Trust me, buddy – they are annoying me too in the check out line!

Cool yourself and your looks and we’ll all get out of here safely.)

Then, there are people that just plain GET IT.

They are often strangers to me, just working their job but take it very seriously.

They are anyone from nurses to hair dressers to dentists  –

anyone that will be face-to-face with my babies either calming them down or getting them pumped up about an experience.


(Larson at Bippidy Boppidy Boutique)

They may see 12 kids in a day,

and each feel they are her favorite because a job well done.

Oh, I could hug that lady and the thousands of others

that CHOOSE to make them feel so special.

Here is another one that amazes me. Meet Miss Holly.


My new friend Carey (my Google of Orlando – thank you!) hooked me up with this amazing swim teacher.

I have never really thought to pray about the right swim teacher, but now I know all of the qualities that would’ve been on that list.

I watched amazed as she taught my Larson to swim in a matter of days and never once left her side.

I watched her hold her tight, hug her to celebrate and to comfort, cheer her on with so much enthusiasm, challenge her to achieve her best.

Folks, – she does this ALLLLL day with hardly any breaks and four kids.

And, smiles like a beautiful princess full of energy when mine walk up.


 Oh, I’m grateful and am stopping to truly thank God for people like this.

I hope they know that their choice to lift up and encourage children in their jobs is meaningful.

It matters to those kids. It builds them up. They LISTEN TO YOUR EVERY WORD.


 They follow your every move.

It makes a proud mom almost melt in a puddle of tears to watch others care about their kids.

Strangers or very best friends.

Look at my Larson reuniting with my friend Katie in Atlanta. Pure JOY.


 Teachers – don’t get me started on how I love teachers.

This one loved my Larson from the moment they met in January.

The feeling was mutual. I am pretty sure she’s the reason Larson cried every Monday because she couldn’t go to school until Tuesday.

Oh, the love and sacrifice of a preschool teacher. When you tell me specific things about my child and when you hug her and look at her with such true love – oh my!


 To the beautiful princesses of Magic Kingdom, when you do your job OVER and OVER and OVER AGAIN

…. and then gaze into my girls eyes and say:

“Well, we could be twins! We have brown hair!”

They don’t forget these moments.

Neither does their mom.


So, for the folks we annoy. You might want to get that figured out, because you’re missing out on the coolest, funniest little creatures on the planet.

And, for the folks that invest and encourage children every day…


Keep up the great work! I speak for many moms all over America.

It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Think of someone that does their job well.

A person that lifts up and encourages your child in some way.

A stranger or a friend.


by forwarding this along or just shoot them a text or email.

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