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Larson, My Little Buddy

I was so surprised by emotions this morning. Crying at Starbucks with this baby girl. I expected to feel pure elation. FINALLY! Having four days in a week with both girls in school. That’s what I’ve begged for many days. I think many things hit me this morning as I stared at this ball of wonder. This one is best done in letter form. I was inspired by my precious friend Amber. She wrote the most touching Kindergarten (night before) letter to her oldest.



To my Larson. My Little Buddy.

It’s so very obvious that Ella and I have a special bond. She is my first born. And I love her exactly the same as you. She is the best big sister to you.

It is so very hard to imagine loving another child as the first – and then BAM! It happened. My heart absolutely exploded when you entered my world.


I think God has beautifully bonded us. We are both second childen. Second girls. We both a spirit that is similar to fire. So, spitfires. Balls of fun. Fiesty. Life of the party.

You make me laugh until my stomach hurts.


I realized this morning, I am going to miss you badly this Fall. You have been my buddy. This move to Orlando has been really hard on Mommy and you have been right there. You never leave my side.


I also realized I am going to be lonely most days of the week with you gone to 4-day fours. I am really really going to miss you. And I really really enjoy being with you my angel baby girl.

You LOVE school. You are ready to soar.

You have waited to patiently. You bounced right out of the bed this morning.

You were so excited and CHOSE to wear an old dress of Ella’s.


You love following in her footsteps.

You always want to know where she is – like this morning, peering in while she was worshipping at chapel. Patiently waiting until you could get in your class.


We had a little date between Ella’s drop off and your start time… like we’ve done so often.

I sat there and cried watching you.


You played on my phone. Ate your food. Spoke to our “friends” that we’ve met over the last year – just patrons and workers of that location. You looked them in the eyes. You said thank you and please. You discussed your school with familiar faces.

Larson, our errands and little dates have been my teaching ground with you. You make me so proud. You are kind. You are generous. You dazzle adults and most of all your Heavenly Father. You truly light up rooms.

I asked you this morning to lead your class in two ways – by obeying your teacher and being a great friend.

 Fly baby fly.


I will be growing while you are growing. I will learn how to be comfortable in this silence. God’s timing is perfect. I have this little thing called a book due this Fall so I need four days to write – but my heart will miss you and will be the first in line to get you.


You are a treasure to our family.

Be you Larson. Light ‘Em Up.

I love you. Always & Forever.


Yes, she did 3 days last years. This is only 4 days. I’m not sure why the freakout.

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  1. I am crying reading this! It’s just something about change that pulls on our Mommy heart. I am excited to see what God has in store for you.

  2. Deep breaths mama! My Ty is starting preschool in one week! He is a daycare kid and I’m still a bit of a mess. Please stop growing up Ty! But seriously you are growing up so well.

  3. Oh, this is such a precious post! Let me assure you that each phase with each child brings certain sadness and certain joys. But, it’s all good and a part of God’s plan. Blessings to you as you make another adjustment and good luck on your book!

  4. Wonderfully said! It’s hard to let the babies go. Somedays I wish I could turn back time and my babies are 20, 16 & 13. Stay strong mom!!

  5. My eldest is starting school next week. He did two mornings and a full day at preschool last year but this is five full days and it is really challenging me. Never been without him that long! I am completely using this idea to help me get my emotions in check!! Thanks!!

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