Leaving a Legacy


My friend Bobbie Wolgemuth is with Jesus.

Like hundreds across this world – we are torn. We are rejoicing because she is healed from Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She is home. She is singing and dancing and with the ONE she most loves.

We are also so sad. Deeply sad for precious Robert and his girls and her grandkids. I am sad for all her other girls – my friends that she has mentored and sat with for years.

I am not as close to her as all of these people, but I love to use my platform to honor special people. And to reflect on lives like this one.

When I was about to leave for She Speaks with my book proposal, I emailed my Bible study for prayer. Bobbie was leading that group but was out for chemo so we had not met. She immediately reached out. I had no idea that her husband was THE Robert Wolgemuth.

I found myself sitting in her den the next week crying and overwhelmed at the response. It looked like I would be writing this book and I was scared.

Robert said,

Do you need a counselor or an agent?”

We laughed and I said, “BOTH!”

Bobbie became a trusted counselor and Robert became my agent.

She has spoken precious truth into my life over these last couple years in the MIDST of her toughest battles. I would go to her house to encourage her and she would encourage me. She won’t let you go first. She immediately lifts YOU up.

She reminded me of these things often.

– The power of loving, trusting and knowing Jesus with all your heart

– The importance of loving your husband intimately

– Enjoying your kids and putting them before any project or book

– The power of music and God’s word

– A joyful spirit and happy heart – she RADIATED the true joy of knowing Christ

– Courage – she fought this thing with courage

– Obedience – God gave her one great assignment after the next. She literally went into chemo on assignment each week to share the gospel or to lift up another soul.


As my friend Kristen said, her life will have ripple effect on generations. My kids and their kids. I want to be like her. She read through the bible 32 times. Not because she wanted to impress anyone because she needed him – and you could tell. He FLOWED so beautifully from her eyeballs to her very presence in a room.

Lord, thank you for her life. Thank you for her precious husband. Thank you for her girls that mirror you and mirror their momma.

Let us all never strive to be perfect or  be Bobbie – but take time to know you. Oh, Lord, she simply adored you. And I am beaming just thinking of her amazing gorgeous face with you right now.


A word from her dear friend Joni Tada just days ago.

Her testimony just this Spring at First Pres.

Check Out Her Resources

She has hymn books and Bibles and more. Get them. You will be blessed.


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