Let’s Build ‘Em Up

Eek! I’m really excited about this new program that came out of a friendship of four bloggers. Four moms that see things very much the same way. Four moms with a common passion for YOU.

Meet Erin at Blue-Eyed Bride

Meet Kelly at Kelly’s Korner

Meet Jennifer at Life in the Green House

And of course, ME!

And together we bring you …


Blogging about life and writing our story sometimes seems lost in a sea of negativity. A storm of unruly toddlers, a stack of messy dishes, laundry rooms that bid us to shut the door, rather than come inside. We’ve all been there, life is messy at times. I’m afraid that we’ve somehow magnified the messy and allowed it to overshadow our joy. Being a mother, a wife, a friend, a co-worker each have tough moments, but if we are willing to look closely we will see that those moments are few and pale in comparison to the blessings each role brings us.

Motherhood is a blessing and the hardest job you will ever have.  There will always be places we can turn to talk about the “negative parts” of motherhood but we want to shed light and encourage.

We want to help all of us be part of a sisterhood.

We want to drop the judgment and build each other up.

Will you join us in committing to write about the good?

To break the misconception that good equals perfect,

and to seek out the meaningful even in the midst of the mundane.

Please join us.

Every other week we will have topics that pertain to being a wife or mother (or even for those who aren’t in that stage but one day might be). We would love for you to link up as we talk about all aspects of motherhood and life as we want to strive to be an encouragement to each other. We are all in this together – so let’s build each other up!

March 12

Bringing Faith to Life

March 26

The Joy of Playing With Our Kids

April 9

Remembering YOU

taking care of yourself and keeping your identity

April 23

Friendships and Motherhood

encouraging friends, making friends, getting out of our comfort zone and finding friends

Just mark your calendars, begin writing and get ready to link up on the above topics.

Let’s “build em up” together!

Want to know what else is exciting? Those three authentic mommas above are officially joining the Lil Light O’ Mine team as regular blog contributors. My new site (version 2.0 of this site) is launching within the month (I hope!) and they are just a few the fabulous new faces you’ll see.

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