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Let’s Make a Mother’s Day – Together


If you’re a blogger and your main focus is empowering and encouraging other moms – wouldn’t this month kind of be a big deal? YES!

I’ve done the big giveaways – teary blog posts and just this week – launched ways to tangibly love on one another and teach our kids generosity. #LightEmUpActs


I had a thought – what if could Make ONE Mother’s Day?


Plain and simple.


What if we each day in May, I shared just one simple tip that just MIGHT make your job a little easier? It might be basic or simple or nothing new to some –or it might change your world. Who knows.


I asked a bunch of friends and contributors to share some simple things that make their jobs easier.


Because, hello… this motherhood thing is no joke.


Some examples of what’s coming.

How to make to paint your nails and have them NOT get ruined within 30 seconds

How to keep your marriage sizzling or even just surviving with kids crawling everywhere

How to keep growing personally as a leader, human, mom when there is no physical time for anything

How to make laundry a little quicker


And, again – our goal is to Make ONE Mother’s Day. Just one. Each day. We are here for you. And we think you are pretty stinkin awesome.


Please share YOUR TIPS!

On Friday, May 9 – if you have a blog and you love moms. Share a tip that has made your job easier. Just a little “a-ha” tactic or way you do things that another mom might now know. Don’t be shy. Just join us.


Do you have a blog?

Share it on your blog on May 9 and there will be a way to “link up” on my site so others can come over and read your idea.


Don’t have a blog?

You can share your idea on Instagram and Facebook on May 9. Stay tuned!


Here’s a tip for today that will make you laugh.

(Mine were about this big, found this old picture. Oh my.)

I am not EVEN going to tell you how long I was bathing my kids separately. I think I was so worried that Larson was too little and would be squashed by big sis. By the time Ron walked in the door – the entire house was soaking wet. People were running around naked. I was in tears. It was a disaster. When Larson was sitting up great – I finally started  bathing them together and A-HA! I had them captive. They were both together. Playing. For a long time. I was essentially napping with my eyes open on against the wall of the bathroom. Afternoons – much better.

Why in the WORLD didn’t I start that sooner? I told you – don’t laugh.


Or better yet, delegate that situation to dad. So, for the mom barely surviving the afternoon – SAFELY get them in the tub together. Stay in there. Invest in some bathtub toys or plastic cubs. 🙂


(Another turn back time photo – these are the 3 of the 4 families of the Family Olympics when it all began.)



Don’t be scared – the tips gets way better from here.

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  1. Thankfully, my husband is the Bath Man! When he’s out of town, however, I will eventually pull out the baby wipes. 🙂 Looking forward to more tips!

  2. OH the tub seems to turn your girls into sweet playmates! add a boy in there and it turns into a competition of some sort and not pretty in less than one minute. we have FEW tub pics. it got bad fast. so actually doing the opposite -. bathing separately and letting the boy shower did wonders for us! each gets a little uninterrupted/unthreatened playtime! just giving a tip to the boy-girl combo moms! and i do not know how to spell “unthreatened”. is that not a word?

  3. about the last pic. 1. the babes look totally fake – like dolls we are letting the toddlers toss around don’t they? yikes. 2. and that is the best group pic we could get. double yikes. crazy group. can’t believe we are like double that amount of kids now. bring on the family olympics. 2 months and counting!

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