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The emails are starting to come in! I love the over-achievers. The planners. I heart you big time. You are ready freddy for this year’s Light ‘Em Up holiday plan.


Here is the scoop.

1. It IS coming back – likely the week of November 5 or 12. Meaning – I’ll post the official blog post with all the free downloads but you can clearly start your game plan any day of the year.

2. In the spirt of family life balance and attempting to finish my book – it will be very similar to last year. So, if you do want to jump on it – you can go ahead and start with THESE IDEAS or other materials. Click here to download and print.

Light Em Up 100 Ideas FINAL

3. There will be a couple new things. I’m SO EXCITED my favorite children’s author ever ever Marianne Richmond is getting her creatives hands in this project to offer a couple treats for our itty bitty ones. Stay tuned.

4. Calling all leaders. This is a little lofty – but I’m thinking we can get 100 moms in 100 cities to lead groups to Light ‘Em Up. What do you think? More about this later. You could share this post with your moms groups, bible study groups or circle of friends and start the planning.

If you’re a longtime Light ‘Em Up fan and you love it – consider leading a few friends in a group effort. Lighting up your city with kindness – in a big team with your kiddos is super fun.



You can read the BACK STORY of Light ‘Em Up here. The basic idea is that the holidays should be about GIVING over GETTING. And, when our kids experience this truth in a fun way – it sinks deep.

Stay tuned beautiful mommas.


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  1. Ooohhh I L.O.V.E. the idea of Lighting Up my city with a TEAM!!!! Looking forward to some more deets!!!

  2. I have to admit that I am already in the process of Christmas shopping/planning and having our Christmas cards designed. While this seems crazy, here’s the reason – I want to have this kind of stuff taken care of ahead of time so that I can concentrate during the weeks leading up to Christmas on involving my kids in projects and actions focused on giving back. I don’t want them to see me during all of December running around stressed trying to finish up shopping, addressing cards, etc. So I am SO excited about Light ‘Em Up and so excited to participate! I already have a couple of projects in mind that we do every year like food basket deliveries on Christmas Eve and shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse – but this year we can involve the kids! – and am looking forward lots of other fun things to do to spread the joy this season with my whole family!! 🙂

  3. Oh great thank you for getting me organised. Last yr was our first Light Em Up and we loved it. The kids being another yr older I am even more excited this yr. I got very boring going on to all my friends last yr about how it had changed our approach to advent and got the kids genuinely enthused about thinking about others so I am definitely going to aim to get a gang of five to join me this year – if not all the mums at church, plus getting set to suggest it to the mums at toddler group too… Excited!!

  4. Hi Courtney! My daughter and I shared this experience last year with our community. This year we are still doing our community project again but I also have gotten my daughters first grade teacher to do this for the month of December in her classroom. Can we please have some logo art for the classroom?. She has a side window to the door to her classroom and I can decorate it for the other teachers and students to see what we are up to!
    Thank so much, this is such a blessing!

  5. Thank you! I found this a little bit late (not too late) for this year, but Pinned it for next and shared it with thousands! Thanks.

  6. My grandson is 8 years old. We did the advent calendar in December with the candies everyday. He just threw the candy in the trash. So this year we’re doing a “20 days of kindness advent calendar “. I’m hoping he gets the giving bug.

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