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Light ‘Em Up – Mother’s Day Style


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I am truly SO fired up! Many have you mentioned that we should just do Light ‘Em Up year round – and I believe we are headed that way. Today, we are launching the Mother’s Day version of Light ‘Em Up.

Let me back up for our new friends. It started as a blog post – soapbox rant – a few years ago when I wanted my kids to focus on GIVING not GETTING at Christmas time. Did I invent Random Acts of Kindness? Heck no.




Light ‘Em Up is a program for families to experience generosity together. To impact the lives of their community – lighting up one heart at a time. No matter the age, our kids can be used for a purpose and learn a critical virtue in the process.



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After that first Christmas blog post, THOUSANDS and thousands of you went crazy with it – and continue to LIGHT UP your communities the last several years.  (Light ‘Em Up – Christmas last year’s post)


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Then we took the ideas to Summer – and we had so much fun together. Summer is coming – so you can even start planning with this resources now. I won’t be changing them this year. (Light ‘Em Up Summer HERE)



Light ‘Em Up – Mother’s Day Version

One mom in our blog community – Sara Easley – is officially now the Light ‘Em Up Chairman. She loves it and just did it with her kids for Lent. Precious moments around her community (search #40acts on Instagram).

She sent me a message wanting to share her ideas for Mother’s Day version of Light ‘Em Up. I was blown away. It’s perfect. As a group – we can gather to light up the hearts of mothers and grandmothers for the first 11 days of May leading up to Mother’s Day. My immediate answer – “yes, please!”

Flowers to Moms

We have all been there. Rough days. Early days. Sleepy days. Feeling forgotten days. Within just miles of our houses – we know moms that could use a little love and kindness. And there are moms we don’t know – in the midst of extreme poverty needing our love and help. And through the process, our kids learn the beautiful virtue of generosity.

Sara is leading the charge.

So you can head on over to her site for ALL THE ideas, tags and more!

This just a taste of the 25 ideas you could try.

Ding Dong Diaper Ditch

Our kids can do a Ding Dong Diaper Ditch. OH HEAVENS. Doing it. Immediately.

Take a Potted Plant

We can plant flowers and RUN – surprising a second mom, grandmother or new momma.


We have a new hashtag! #LightEmUpActs

So, I have advice for you. Don’t search hashtag #LightEmUp – it’s interesting.  In the past, I have used #LightEmUp13 to keep our group of photos free from other weirdness. I want them all in one place because this isn’t dying. I want our community to have a place where you can get ideas and inspiration. It isn’t a competition or a place to brag. I’m all about doing generous things for no credit. If you have something that works – and your kids love it – please do share so others get inspired to try it.


#LightEmUpActs will be our hashtag for anytime you and your family do a random act of kindness in the community any time of the year. It’s OK if you’re a part of another community doing this. Tag us too! We want to see! There are hundreds of organizations doing this. Which is great news for the body of Christ. Kindness and love spreads and honors our God.


Are you in? Say IN!

It doesn’t matter if you do ONE or ONE every day. Think of one mom that could use a surprise. Go  get her – light her up.
Head on over to Sara’s blog and enjoy!!!

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