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Light ‘Em Up – Summer Style

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It’s Time to Catch the Summer Generosity Bug! It’s Contagious

Are your kids like mine? Do they love an adventure? Do they love something sneaky? Do they love to get right up against the line of boundaries? And do they also go stir-crazy during the summer months?

If you answered YES, then we are going to get along just fine!

I believe our kids are more capable than we know and they are just waiting for a challenge. They will rise up when given the chance. I also believe my kids and yours learn much faster through experiences versus lectures. They learning by watching us – especially when we invite them to join us.

So, let’s use our summer and that extra energy and time to instill generosity deep in their hearts. If you are new here, you can learn how this idea of “light em up” began as a Christmas program here. And, now this awesome community of moms is expanding this idea year round. Search #lightemupacts on social media and you’ll see!

Here are 25 simple ways to light up your community this summer.

1. Have a FREE ice cream stand


2. Have a lemonade stand – take donations for your church or ministry

3. Take cold drinks to anyone working outside (construction site, postman, etc.)


4. Take cold popsicles to anyone! Public beach, pool, park, kids getting off bus, city bus as they and get off, etc.


5. Send one anonymous note every week

6. Tape quarters to meters in town

7. Sidewalk chalk messages onto neighbors’ sidewalks as a surprise greeting

8. Free car wash for neighbors

9. Treat YMCA, gym or childcare workers to fun summer treats

10. Free dog washes

11. Hide money in the dollar store for kids to find


12. Buy gas for one unsuspecting stranger

13. Surprise daddy with an ice cream treat at work or leave notes in his car

14. Ask your school what the kids can do to clean or work on the school over the break

15. Send teachers a note saying “I miss you”

16. Set up a free breakfast station at end of street – passing out free treats as neighbors leave in the morning

17. Spray off a neighbor’s porch

18. Mow someone’s lawn


19. Host a slip-n-slide party

20. Take coolers full of cold treats to the beach – give to anyone!


21. Bless others on a road trip – leave money at gas stations, etc.

22. Ask church if you can pass out frozen treats after church

23. Pack bags full of free food and pass out all over city to homeless until you run out


24. Clean up for one tired mama


25. Make a fan  – it’s cool to be kind!

Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less featured this idea on her site and she has the printables and instructions for this one RIGHT HERE!


Need the Free Printables NOW?

We have found that when you attach the treat with an extra note, the impact after they walk away is powerful. Often, our kids cannot say too much. They can pass it and smile. These tags can communicate what is on our hearts and leave an impression that encourages others to pass it on.

Download Family Planning Guide Here

Download Lollipop Tags Here


Download Drink Tags Here


Download Ice Cream Cone Wraps Here

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  1. #24 is my favorite, but since that would never happen, I’ll go with the lemonade stand idea.

  2. I like #2 and #7. I remember raising money for our local children’s hospital with our lemonade stand when I was a child. I also like the sidewalk chalk messages for neighborhood friends. They are all great ideas 🙂

  3. I think #s 3 and 4 would be great to do with the kids, and I will definitely incorporate #5 into my summer routine.

  4. Thank you, thank you for constantly putting ideas for generosity with my kids in front of me. If left to my own devices, I can get so lazy – stuck in a rut. Love the ideas listed above. Another idea I have is to give away free snow cones this summer. A friend of ours owns a snow cone business. It would be great exposure for him and fun for all the recipients. Win/win! Not to mention, any extra donations would be given to Living Water International which provides people in developing countries with clean water. Major bonus!

  5. I love all of these but my boys would love taking drinks to construction workers and I would love them to clean up for this one tired mama!!!

  6. We had a slip n slide party for the neighbors last year and it was great fun, we will do that again for sure!

  7. I love the idea of passing out frozen treats. Last year the coolest guy at the spray park was the one who brought enough water shooters foe just about everybody. I think we might try that one this year 🙂

  8. I love the drinks idea and the dollars on the toy aisle. Super fun ideas! Terrific post.

  9. Today was the first day the pool in our apt complex opened. I bought a bunch of water toys from Dollar tree & let my Grandaughter pass them out. The smiles & fun they had warmed my heart! 🙂

  10. Great ideas, we have printed a sign and are going to take some cold treats to our local splash pad!

  11. My favorite is the breakfast stand where we pass out morning goodies to anyone that stops. What a wonderful way to help people start their day happy and filled with joy!

  12. I love all of these ideas and can’t wait to use them this summer!! Thank you for all of the ideas!

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