Light ‘Em Up – Traveler’s Edition

Hey friends! It has been a while since I blogged on this site! I have been busy like many of you raising these kids, driving carpool and all of the normal life stuff. And I also launched a new resource called Treasured – be sure to check that out if you have girls from age 9-13.

If you’ve been around a bit, you know I am crazy about kindness. I love giving our kids tangible ways to light up the hearts of our community. In 2011, I put out an idea, called Light ‘Em Up, and you guys loved it. You ran with it. It was so fun to see kindness spread all around the world.

And you’ve been doing your own version of Light ‘Em Up Acts (#lightemupacts) for years since that time.

Since we moved to Texas (with Ron’s job with American Airlines), we have had an up-close look at the folks that are in the airline industry. We have made friends with many ticket agents and flight attendants and pilots and now have a greater appreciation for the work they do.

It got me thinking about Light ‘Em Up and traveling.

  • What if thanked those that help us travel safely?
  • What if we thanked those that put up with yelling cranky travelers?
  • What if we offered a simple gesture to those at gas stations, toll booths, airports and train stations?
  • What if a simple note and candy cane or gift card showed others that we care?

Give your kids a challenge this Holiday season to light up the hearts of those that help us travel safely. It takes mechanics, flight attendants. toll workers, TSA agents, gas attendants, pilots, uber drivers, taxi drivers, ticket agents and many more to ensure that we arrive to our destinations. It’s not always a great job. And they are not always thanked.

Let’s be a group of families that notice all the people around us and let’s give them honor and dignity and definitely a proper “thank you.” Let’s be a community that shows we are grateful – even when the travel day doesn’t go perfect.

You got this team – go for it! Light ‘Em Up! Simply PRINT THESE TAGS, attach to something simple and have fun!

Light up the hearts of those you pass as you travel this holiday season.

For original Light ‘Em Up – see over 100 ideas and other gifts tags here.

Print Light ‘Em Up Traveler’s Tags

Keep us posted on the fun stories and if you share, use hashtag #lightemupacts.

THANK YOU Meg King for always creating the cutest tags for me on about 12 minutes notice! – Courtney

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