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Lighthouses – Cole Henderson


If you are new to the Lighthouses Series, let me catch you up.  It’s my chance to highlight young people (preteens to teens) that who are making great choices and lighting up their world. The post will feature young men and women who are already a beacon of light in their community. They might be a star athlete, entrepreneur, leader in their class or philanthropist. It’s for parents to learn from these kids AND also to share with our kids as shining role models.

My intern Katie started this series last summer. You can go back and read those here.


Introducing Cole Henderson, Founder of Script It


Many of you may be familiar with my dear friend and a lead pastor on staff at North Point Ministries, Jeff Henderson. It won’t surprise you that he is raising two stellar kids with his hysterical wife Wendy. Recently, I was able to interview his son Cole today about his new company!

What! A 12-year-old just launched a website. That fires me up. Congrats Cole. I am so tickled for you and I hope you get hammered with orders. Because I know your heart for giving back. You’re a light in this world my friend.

First, go check out his new site SCRIPT IT and review the awesome product. See if you can spy a big dork on the main page with her thumb up. I was kind of happy for my bud. Laugh at me, not my awesome shirt – thank you very much.

How did the idea/name come to you?

I was thinking about an idea to put God into sports. I was inspired by Active Faith Sports, but I decided not to copy that idea. I came up with my own, to put Bible verses on clothes. I came up with the name Script It with my Mom, Wendy Henderson. Script It means to spread the Word. Our tagline is Wearing the Word because we put the Word on clothes.

What’s your hope with the business?

To spread the Word. If we spread the Word other people will spread it too.

What would you like to say to other kids who have an idea or dream?

Just to spread the Word and pray to God for ideas.



Don’t you just love him? Now go order a t-shirt for you or your kiddos from one courageous kid with a humongous heart. Script It. 




Meet some other LIGHTHOUSES I am loving right now.




Please tell me you’ve heard of the Burrito Boyz. I saw them in People Magazine a while back and it made me SMILE BIG. And, I’m so glad I randomly picked that magazine that day. These boys are changing their city and feeding thousands. I imagine their parents will never have to give a lecture on “generosity” or “service” – they get it. They are feeling it.






And you know I’m crazy about encouraging CREATIVITY. This little artist captured my heart with her paper dress line. If you have a creative one – let them create. And Ella’s teacher said, “dress up your mess up.” Which I LOVE for when perfectionist meets artist.





This little star also made me smile big. She has a name. It’s “Ukele Mandi“. And here she is meeting Jamie Grace.This particular video has ABC Scripture Cards in it. What about that! Fun!





Then, there is Michael’s daughter, Lauren. Michael of Preaching Rocket. She wrote and designed her own children’s book, The Clown That Lost His Funny. That is pretty neat.





And good grief I am loving Kid President. I have seen these videos – but took time to read the story tonight. So neat. Every kid has a voice.



EVERY CHILD has unique gifts and strengths from their creator.

And they are all so unique. Some of these kids are born tiny little entrepreneurs. Some are born philanthropists! They will give the house away. Some are musicians and some are artists. They desperately need and want us affirm their gifts. We can also step in and help them EXPERIENCE the joy of using their gifts to bless others and use it for God’s glory.
How can we set up a store on the sidewalk or even a website or share their work in a way that builds them up? When we believe in them – it just stamps APPROVAL right on their hearts. They can learn to work hard and refine skills when they are passionate and working out of their strengths. We don’t have to do it all for them, but we can certainly be on their team. They can learn so early that God has a purpose and a plan and this may or may not be it – but why wait? Let’s try something together. This year. Mom and dad are behind you! And, if they fail – we are right there to pick them up and try again.


My friend Monica started an organization, Break Into Business, that helps parents and organizations inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders. It’s so neat. Our kids have great ideas. What if we let them try one of those ideas?

Does your child have a ministry or business? Or special talent to share?

Please use the comment space below to tell us about it – or let your child share with us!

We want to see!

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