#LilEasterGiveaway Is COMING!



Mark your calendars. This Friday is going to be fun. There will be FOUR winners and I’m not going to lie – I want these baskets. I was not bashful – emailed some buds and begged for some awesome loot. They were so generous! YAY!


And then to make my photos look pretty, I added some of my favorite things in there from places like Target and Pier 1, etc. I can’t send you whimpy baskets – duh. (Thanks Joy for helping me learn how to play designer. I am a rookie, but that’s fun!)


This will be my first “rafflecopter” experience which means I can track it easier and it gives you extra chances to win based on however you choose to share it.


Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of the items that are subject to change by Friday.


Mom’s #LilEasterGiveaway Basket


Dad’s #LilEasterGiveaway Basket


Girl Child’s #LilEasterGiveaway Basket


Boy Child’s #LilEasterGiveaway Basket



I’ll share all the links to the products on FRIDAY! Can’t wait. Have a great weekend with your family. Giggle often.


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