#LilEasterGiveaway Is Here


Here we go! The #LilEasterGiveaway is here and it’s actually BIG! Tons of fun gifts and FOUR big winners.

I just love to give things away and I love a great Easter basket. I am doing this giveaway now (way before Easter) so the winners will receive these yummy treats in time. Also, if you aren’t the winner – you’ll have time to order some of these fun ideas for your own baskets.

THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! To all these wonderful companies and friends for donating such amazing stuff.




1. Whimsy Sitting Lamb by Pier 1

2. Burt’s Bees chapstick

3. Good Morning Dollface Coffee Mug by Ashley Brooke Designs

4. Essie Nail Polish – color is Mod Square

5. Basket by Mudpies and Mason Jars – blue chevron basket with pink “mom” monogram

6. Cadberry Egg – available too many places, yum

7. The Antelope in The Living Room by Melanie Shankle (aka Big Mama)

8. 7 Strands of Mint Necklace by Just The Thing

9. Happy paper straws from The Container Store

10. Mom’s Bible by Bobbie Wolgemuth – my dear friend and author friend has developed one special bible with moms in mind



1. Monogrammed Toiletry Bag by Shop Memento

2. Peeps.

3. SIGNED books by Andy Stanley – How to Be Rich and When Work and Family Collide

4. Basket by Mudpies and Mason Jars – navy chevron with green “DAD” monogrammed on it

5. Men’s aviators by Target

6. Cash. Because that’s what Ron wanted.

7. Bottle Opener by Carol & Company. Your man gets to pick his favorite baseball team and these bottle openers are MADE from old major league bats!

8. Latest album by Casey Darnell – this amazing musician is perfect for dads, because he is one. A great one.




1. ABC Scripture Cards by Lil Light O’ Mine

2. Monogrammed Headband by The Primrose Shop

3. Essie Nail Polish – Color (Playdate)

4. Chevron Basket by Mudpies and Mason Jars – your child can pick color and monogram

5. Bubbles!

6. Masterpieces Necklace by Carol & Company

7. Monogrammed Seersucker Bow by Shop Memento

8. Flower Hand Sanitizer by Bath & Body Works

9. For Girls Like You –  a FREE magazine subscription





1. Super Soaker by Target

2. Jacks

3. ABC Scripture Cards by Lil Light O’ Mine

4. Bubbles

5. Chevron Basket by Mudpies and Mason Jars – your child can pick color and monogram

6. Beach ball

7. The Action Bible

8. Reeses Easter chocolate

9. BOTH books in The Growly series – Begin and Widewater


The contest has ended. Here are winners. Thank you so much for entering!

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  1. I want the bible that Bobbie Wolgemuth did. Along with everything else of course but that looks so neat!

  2. Love all the baskets but especially the mom basket and boy basket!!! I have been wanting to get the Action Bible since Ashley blogged about it with her son. such a fun give away (Rachel)

  3. I would love to enter but I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram… anything like that.
    Everything looks amazing!

  4. I am loving ALL of the items in ALL of the baskets. I don’t have sons, but my daughters will go bananas for the girls basket!!!!

  5. This is an amazing give away!! I love all of them, but of course the mom basket is my favorite!!

  6. Great giveaway!! Would love the Dad, Boy or Mom basket! Or I could treat my niece with the girl basket – all are great! 🙂

  7. Everything looks wonderful!! Love Bobbie’s bible in Mom’s basket. My husband goes crazy for Peeps. My little girl would flip over the bubbles in the girl’s basket. And the Action Bible in the boy’s basket is awesome – gave one to my nephew when he was 8 and he plowed through it – loved it!!

  8. I would LOVE to win the little girl’s basket. I have been wanting the ABC Scripture cards forever! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck with your book!

  9. Selfishly, I want the mom basket! But my son would love the bubble gun, and my husband (and I) would LOVE the baseball bottle opener! There’s no way to lose!

  10. I love your blog! 🙂 of course the mom basket would be the whip! But I know my boys(husband and sons) would love the other baskets 😉

  11. Love every option — esp. that necklace! But most of all I’d love to spoil my sweet husband for a change!

  12. Love all of these baskets!!!! Easter baskets are always so fun for me to make for my house. Would love to surprise my husband with one this year!

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