Little People Need Listening Mommas

I am a distracted mess sometimes. I have one million things looming, clothes washing, dinner-prep going, boxes to unpack, backpacks to dig through, healthy lunches to plan and yet I still end up buying the pre-packaged junk and a phone that never quits dinging or buzzing and when it isn’t I phantomly think it is. Ugh….what is wrong here?

I have been made aware in recent days that to better understand and feel with my children …

I need to listen to them more.

My strengths and weaknesses as a mother look different that anyone else’s. BUT, I can choose to learn to listen better. I may not naturally empathize well…but I can be a student and listen. I need to be present….I need to engage and watch. Sounds simple but yet it is so hard.

Today was one of those days that I decided to just be present…to enjoy…not plan…not really do anything but just engage with my child’s world. So this morning….I listened intently to the conversation on the way to preschool…I wasn’t lost in my worship song.

I was with her.

I heard her.

I loved her through my silence.

And then…I dropped her off in the line and just watched as she bopped out of the car and then she stopped and waved back at me …and I SAW her do it. I watched….and I wept because I knew that that sweet little hand wouldn’t wave at me like that in  5 years. She might not turn around next week…but praise God in the moment I saw her and loved her in my presentness.  And she knew in my gaze at her that MOMMY LOVED HER and was with her even in a glance backward. She knew I was her biggest cheerleader on this earth and that mommy was fighting for her heart to be protected. That glance will live with me til eternity if I let it. I pray God lets me never forget to pay attention and when I get it we will rejoice and when I’m distracted HE will cover me with HIS GRACE.


Thank you God for the reminder that you never turn your gaze from us and that you are WITH us always.  YOU ARE OUR PRESENTNESS and YOU HEAR US from HEAVEN!!!!! My prayer is that Your Presence with me translates to my present state with my kids. Let me hear them like You hear me.

How do you fight  distraction practically?

 How is God nudging you as a mom these days?

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