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Lord Help Me, Summer is Coming


I’ll let you peak into this crazy brain of mine – this is the chat I’m having with the Lord right now.


Lord, summer is coming. Help me.

I am so ready.

No I’m not.

I am so over carpool. I want my babies home.

Wait, it’s quiet – I like it. They are about to be fighting and bored.

They are growing up so fast – I can’t wait to just be with them and snuggle and sleep in.

Wait, what am I going to do on the third day, when Camp Mom is out of tricks?

Lord, I’m crazy about them. I will only pass this way once.

I only get this one summer when they are 6 and 8.

Lord, I want them to experience it all – but my pins and dreams alone cost $1 million dollars! Help!

Let them remember a joyful face, not an exasperated face.

Let them remember a mom that jumped in the pool more than she jumped down their throats.

Let them remember that summer isn’t about all the we get – often about what we give and learn.

Let me remember that there are no rewards in heaven for busyness – that a walk, a puzzle, a walk to a neighbor’s house – that’s summer too.

Let me remember that rest is good for their souls too.

Let me remember that I am enough. I don’t have to always hire out for help – I do know things. I can teach them what I know. We can dance or take pictures or draw. Heck – I even know how to roller skate thank you very much. Or, what if we learned something new together?

And help me to remember that it IS ok to ask for help when sanity is needed. 

Help me to remember to look UP for guidance not left or right – because every momma does it different. Some travel, some teach, some do camps. But we all love.


I talked to three moms this morning and we all had similar panic feelings – that this is our WEEK to GET IT done! Because ready or not – they are coming home.

I am so glad I had this pep talk with myself. And I have news for us. It’s not going to go perfectly. One summer, I OVER-scheduled them – too many camps and I was mad. Too much driving – they didn’t get a true break. Then, the next summer I UNDER-scheduled and we went stir crazy. We are in the middle this time and going to take each week as it comes.

I keep whining that my kids are SO OLD. Give me a break, they are 6 and 8. That is prime time baby. That is popsicles and scooters. That is walks in the dark. That is sidewalk chalk. The party isn’t over!

Let them be kids! That’s what they will remember.


Here’s our LOOSE SUMMER plan if interested.

  • ARTSY– My girls  love to paint, art and draw – so I asked an old art teacher to do a two-camp for them and some friends. So consider enhancing a skill they already adore.
  • SPORTY – I want my girly girls to be athletic as well. So, I want them to pick up something every summer that is sporty. Try something new that might not need an entire ‘season.’ From skateboarding to football to basketball or water sports. We haven’t decided on this one yet. Pop wants to teach Ella to wakeboard. But each girl needs to try something scary and new.
  • SERVING – We like to do Light ‘Em Up all year long – and Summer always provides a great opportunity for that. Here are some ideas for Light ‘Em Up Summer Style.


  • READING – OK, this parenting tip is NOT in the book. I might have completely bribed Ella to read every book in the Treehouse series for cash. She is like her mother (shiny object child) and skips from series to series and has struggled with reading – so I tossed the big guns. Cash. And I said she could earn cash per book and could NOT get the money until she finished every book in series. Her eyes LIT up because she wants a new doll or a scooter and she is motivated. Larson has a similar deal. Whatever. Let’s read people. Ron did not approve this award system.



  • FAMILY – We have lots of family time scheduled – a vacation with the DeFeo’s to celebrate Aunt Sandys’ 70th! Whoop! And then time at my parent’s house. Then, Ella will do her first overnight camp at Winshape Camps. We typically do Family Olympics (in the book) but we are taking a year off. Because I feeling freedom do what’s best for our family, not what’s expected.  Sad. So sad to miss this tradition. But it is STILL seriously the best thing you’ll ever do. Get planning with your buds stat! We’ll be back next year for the win. Promise.


Check back me with mid-June to see if I have abandoned all of these plans. 🙂

It’s going to be a great summer.

Last pep talk. PREACHING to myself first.

Oh, and I plan to jump off docks, climb rocks and ride jet skis – NOW. Not when I lose the pounds I need to lose. Friends, they don’t care. They want us in the game. What do I want for my girls? I want them so FREE and confident in their own skin – that they never sit on the sidelines.


That they don’t hold back because of glasses, hair, thighs, stomach or skill – that they go for it. So, what do they need? A mom who will do just that. Do everything in the power to see you just as God see you – as your children see you. You are just gorgeous. Your swimsuit doesn’t define you.


Get out there. Have a blast. Dive in sisters.

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  1. You are so right! I have a 6 and 8 year old too! Pray for me!! They fuss too much with each other. I will pray you have the wonderful summer you deserve, too!!

  2. This is a wonderful blog post!! I love reading your blog all the time, but
    this one was especially FABULOUS!!! Have a great day! Thanks for sharing your life and heart with us. 🙂

  3. Your realness just hugs me. High five, girl! I’m so over expectations. We got amusement park passes for Christmas this year. This is the year, ages 5 and 9, where they still want to hang out with us. So we are committing to one park trip a week after work. Yes, that will get them home late and they will by far miss bedtime, and they still have to get up at crack of dawn and go to daycare because we have to work and will probably be grumpy. But we don’t want to miss this! Making memories. They don’t have to be big. We tore down the swingset this weekend (tears!) but all four of us did it with our own Demo day, karate chops and all. Ice pops after. Great memories. Saving change for ice cream truck. Watermelon at the picnic table. Saturday morning walks to the farmers market, whining the whole way. Coffee and pastry as a bribe? Yes, please. And thank you for the pep talk about bathingsuits. Mine is smaller than it was last summer. They don’t care. They want to be flipped in the pool and help making a whirlpool. Lets just get over it and do it. Love it!!!

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