Love ‘Em Up 2013 – Learn Their Language

Have you ever noticed that every child – age 6, 36 or 60 …

just REALLY wants to know they are loved?

It amazes me that the love of my mother doesn’t get stale.

Her words, her hugs, her attention to detail and support never stops filling me up.

I want to be that mom. One that loves well.

I want to never forget the power I have to LOVE them through my words and my actions.

It takes humility and a soft heart and a constant, daily dying to self – to get on their level, grab those cheeks, spend the extra effort to fill their tanks.

It also takes effort to get to know each of them. Each child, just like each of us feels love so differently.

The 5 Love Languages has been an amazingly popular book for years and now they have a children’s version.


I know my Ella is “quality time” above all. She begs for it. I am still figuring out Larson.

Here is a great post on the topic. And the site has a quiz you can do with your kids to help figure it out.

A sweet friend recently suggested the book “Personality Plus for Parents.” I am definitely reading. The idea is that you determine your personality, your kids personality and then parent accordingly. I love this! So, just because she handles it differently than me – doesn’t make it wrong!

I want to know them so intimately and love them so well. Sandra Stanley has often said to be a diligent student of your children.

We did LOVE ‘EM UP last year and I’m excited to repeat and expand (Part 1,  Part 2Part 3).

 Love ‘Em Up takes the principles of LIght ‘Em Up – lighting up one heart at a time through kindness – and turns it on your family!

How can we be really creative and intentional to love on our kids? sibling to sibling? child to dad? child to mom? mom to dad? etc.

All month long in February (or just the first 14 days) – let’s focus on the wonderful virtue of LOVE! How we can model it, practice it and teach it through many fun ideas in our homes. 

This week – we’ll be giving you tons of ideas. We have a pinboard getting pinned full of ideas. Katie has some awesome ideas coming for you. Stay tuned on the blog – it’s much more than cute crafts in the shape of hearts, we’re bringing more than that.


Let’s start here. Step 1.


Do they like gifts?

Words of affirmation?

Quality time?

Physical touch?

Acts of service?

What makes those faces light up? What communicates love to them?

We often GIVE what means love to US – when we need to focus on that little one and their needs.

I am 36-year-old mom, but I’ll always be a little girl wanting to be loved and affirmed. My emails from my momma never get old. My language is “words of affirmation” and I am so grateful she knows it and speaks it well.

Get excited about a fun week of tactical ideas, but BEFORE YOU SPEND TIME AND EFFORT – make sure it will even resonate with your sweet angels.

What’s their love language?

Have you read 5 Love Languages for Children and what did you learn?

How do your kids respond best to your expressions of love?

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