Love ‘Em Up 2013 – My Plan

I just love the how February focuses on LOVE – not the forced silky pillow and last-minute roses and forced reservations kind of love. But, the kind of LOVE that makes you stop and look around inside your home and sigh.

Yep, I am blessed.

And I need to realize it and remind them I do love them so much it hurts.

I believe it’s the perfect classroom and setting to teach our kids some powerful principles:

  • What does God’s word say about love?
  • How can we love each other well?
  • What are little ways we can show love in our family?
  • How can we make sure Daddy feels loved?
  • Is love a feeling or a choice?
  • If we start inside our homes, doesn’t loving those outside seem much easier?
  • Is LOVE about ME or about OTHERS?
  • How could our home be a more loving environment?

You know I’m crazy about EXPERIENCING lessons over boring lectures. So, more later this week on how your kiddos can get involved in ways that they “get it.” (If yours are old enough, the above list could be fun to talk through at dinner one night in Feburary).

(Much like they “got” generosity through experiencing it in December.)

Today, I just wanted to share a few ideas on how I’m going to show my love to my girls in February (could use all year long).



I wrote about this topic last year and provided many ideas for you on playing with your little ones. Oh how mine LIGHT UP when I don’t work or clean and just play.

So, there will be some days like I CHOOSE TO LOVE THROUGH PLAY because mine adore my full attention and time together. It fills them up. I have to plan for it because I don’t always want to do this or have time for it.

Ella asked for me to play dance teacher yesterday – so I absolutely sported my high school tutu. 

You got it girl. My friend Kristen’s blog post reminded me of this crucial act of love – play. Her touching post here and dedication to play with her FOUR kiddos is awesome.

Yes, that is totally my Benetton bag circa 1992 and my ballet shoes and my tutu. There will be no photos of my 2013 rump in that tutu, thank you very much – but there will be dancing at 4 pm today.




I stumbled across a jewel of a journal that I somehow misplaced.

Oh my mother is a saint. She wrote on every page –a quote, a bible verse or just a thought from her heart.

It’s just FUEL to my soul. It made me think my Ella needs one from me.

She is having some tough moments already in school with her glasses and friends and wanting to be home and being corrected by mom. Now that she can read – I believe her own little journal of love is just what she needs. Something beside her bed that she can read whenever she wants – a reminder of the truth. I am going to write something every day in February to her – from a though from my heart to a simple verse.


And add to it over the year. It’ll go in her Valentine’s basket. I’ll probably need to do Tarsy one too – but she can’t read – but I can read it to her!



Similar to the above reasons – a constant reminder of the good. I feel like I’m coming down on them too much.  

Anytime I can remind them of how great they are- is overdue. And, in a fun way. Like this!


Mine are girls so hearts and pink delight. But check out these LUNCHBOX JOKES, which are super “cool” for boys and girls of all ages.

They just want to be “thought of” – don’t all of us?



Mine are human – they like a little gift. I’ve been saying no to everything since Christmas because REALLY. What in the world do they need! Ella saw a monogrammed hairbrush the other day and begged. I think I’ll surprise them with these in their Valentine little buckets. I saw them at The Primose Shop up the road from me – but just search for “monogrammed brushes” and you’ll find them everywhere.

What is something they have been begging for (even tiny) or a favorite candy that would just let them know you listened and you do like to delight them from time to time?



Closer to Valentines, I’ll like explode with some heart décor, heart-shaped food and probably this scavenger hunt to find their goodies on Valentine’s Day.

Check out yesterday’s post to learn about figuring out your child’s love language. Keep checking back the next several weeks.

Still to come- how can kids LEARN TO LOVE in creative ways? By sneaky fun acts of kindness for their siblings and parents, etc.  How can we make them know their home is SECURE because they see mom/dad love each other? What is a good game plan for loving Daddy visibly? And more!

So, let’s LOVE ‘EM UP. However it looks in your home.


Ephesians 3:18

18 may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ,

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