Love ‘Em Up No Guilt Pledge


Just like we don’t love our husbands just because someone said it’s Valentine’s Day – we aren’t just going to choose LOVE because Court said it’s LOVE ‘EM UP.

The Love ‘Em Up program is simply a fun way to bring kindness into the walls of your home. Be a  little sneaky and a little creative to SHOW LOVE to the ones you are with every day.

Take this #LOVEEMUP “No Guilt Pledge” today.

Read aloud and say “I DO”  no matter where you are – in your car, at Target, at home. I better hear you.

1. #LoveEmUp is not a rating system on motherhood – more days does not means the more I love my kids.

2. I will implement as few or as many of the 28 ideas on these 28 ideas as I have time.

3. I know my kids better than anyone, so if I make up my own ideas – that counts too (and I should share those so others will get inspired).

4. If I don’t have time or I forget, I am not a failure.

5. If some crazy crafty mom loves this and goes nuts with it – I won’t judge her, I’ll applaud her.

6. I’ll try one new thing out of my comfort zone for my kids.

7. I’ll try one new thing to make sure my husband feels loved.

8. I’ll remember the entire goal is that my kids hear me preaching “love others” LESS and they feel and experience it MORE through #loveemup.

9. I will invite my kids into the opportunity to love in unexpected ways.

10. I will forgive myself when I forget.


And, all the busy, dedicated, loving moms said….



Molly and I will be sending you reminders THE DAY BEFORE each task/idea for all the 28 items for Love ‘Em Up via Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Some require no planning, but some take a touch of planning so the reminder will help.

Here’s a head start on Feb 1. (We tried it early for you)

It’s a post-it note attack. Normally, I would just put them everywhere for my kids and my husband. BUT, I CHANGED IT UP. . Each child and each parent got a color. They were asked to write notes for everyone in the fam – notes of encouragement and love and just put them anywhere they wanted. My girls got it quickly. I loved inviting them into this process. I loved hearing Larson say, “Mom, can you help me spell.. ‘you’re the best sister.'” They also had fun thinking of WHERE in the house the notes would encourage that person. Dad – by his bed, in his work bag, etc.



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