Love Em Up – Part 2


I’m so excited to bring you PART 2 of our LOVE ‘EM UP SERIES!

Katie did an AMAZING job setting it up perfectly.

Christmas 2011 and Jan 2012

If you missed it, please go back and start here.

I LOVED the Light ‘Em Up project and

what it did for my heart and

my kids’ hearts towards GIVING during December.

However, I did not like that I was so laser focused …

that a request for candy from my OWN angels,

would get a psycho mom saying,

“NO! those are for the firemen!”

I mean, what? What in the heck was I thinking?

So, why is it that we are nicer to strangers

more often than our families?

Let’s change that and FOCUS LIKE LASERS



There is no formula. No expectations.

No goals. No numbers.

These are just simply thoughts and ideas to help you and inspire you.

I haven’t even decided which ones I’ll choose just yet.

I did a few before we left for Orlando as I was “brainstorming” this series.

You could leave a note in one angel baby’s lunch box…


You could simply put down your “busy work” and PLAY (ouch to me).

This was a fierce game of chase in the house in an outfit picked out by her.

Double dose of “love” she felt. 🙂 Look at that joy!


Oh, how she loves TIME WITH ME when Larson is napping.

She’s hiding … can you see her? 🙂


 Or, this was THEIR FAVE… you could decorate

their bed or door with a heart banner

BUT make it SPECIFIC to them!



Ella helped me do Larson’s and she loved that.

It was a fun exercise together.


Side note: It’s thriling to declare you’ll never scrapbook again

and then just use the paper for everything under the sun.


 Another thought occured to me during this process.

Do I KNOW how my children REALLY feel loved?


I read the book “5 Love Languages” years ago,

but sadly haven’t read the children’s version.

I’m going to endorse the concept anyway.

LOVE others by speaking THEIR love language.

Sucks for Ron, I’m a different one each week and most days I need all 5. 🙂

I got on their site tonight and did some digging.

The author said knowing your children’s


but the others are important too.

You don’t just pick one and forget the others.

So, in all our spare time… let’s STUDY our kids.

Try to figure out their language over time.

We need to know these little squirts intimately

so we can speak so deeply to their hearts.

Even in the little things like LOVE EM UP.

If you had one shot to show love,

would your child most enjoy:

A heartfelt hug/kiss from you?

A chat about the things you see them doing well with sincere encouragement?

Just some BEING together – playing together?

A gift – no matter how big or small – just something you got for them?

You doing something for them – act of service on their behalf?

Some of you may KNOW your child’s love language right away.

Some of you might take this month to “test” and see how your child responds best.

I know YOUR love language… it’s FREE IDEAS.

Here are a few IDEAS (pick 1-2 or many or none) to try at  home as you LOVE ‘EM UP. When I get to my other computer. I’ll make you a real purdy PDF that you can print or maybe I’ll beg some LLOM fan to do that for me this week. Remember, try to and think about each child and the love languages.

OK, ready. set. go.

A few quick ideas based on the love languages.

Physical Touch

Kiss and hug each child when they wake or at bedtime according to their age (5 times for 5), set a timer and have “mommy snuggle time” per child throughout the day, make a special love themed fort to have afternoon reading with mommy/snuggle time.

Words of Affirmation

String hearts from the ceiling with things they do so well and add to them, let siblings get involved and affirm each other, cover their door with huge words that describe things you love about them, sidewalk chalk your love for your kids, write them a heartfelt valentine they’ll never forget.


 Hide treats under pillows, at placemats when they come down for breakfast, in their lunchbox, waiting for them at carpool in seat, something that just makes them shocked that you did it – from a gatorade like Katie does (that they NEVER get) to a new pair of crazy socks just because, could have scavenger hunt aroung the house to find a bunch of kisses hidden.

Quality Time

 Create their class/friends’ valentines TOGETHER and let them LEAD (i’m so guilty of wanting them to be the cutest ones ever – let them be a 5-year-old version!), cook something heart-shaped together for dinner AND brainstorm a way to LOVE ON DADDY before he gets home (hide notes on hearts or kisses all over house), etc.



Acts of Service

Like I told you, I haven’t read the book – so I’m hoping my suggestions are correct. I think of Ella and how “service” would show her love. If I cleaned her room for her one day and did something extra fun to it like have her babies in a tea party when she arrive – she would LOVE it, or give her a pedicure would be her favorite!



I’m so excited!

Part 3 is all about the spouses.

How we can LOVE ‘EM UP.

by Kylie

Stay tuned love birds!

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