Love Em Up – Part 3

Part 3 by KYLIE

Moms have so many things on their minds.

School schedules,

meal planning,

to do lists,

house cleaning,

keeping up with friends,

staying close with Jesus,



other people’s relationships,


It’s easy for our marriage to slip out of the front-runner spots.

Let me share with you some encouragement on your marriage here.

If your house is anything like my house, I run around all day taking kids to different schools, running errands, picking everyone back up, cooking dinner at the most inopportune time of the day where everyone is whining and homework needs to get done.  Then, dad shows up in the midst of the chaos. And instead of this beautiful entry where we all go running to hug on him, I say “Good, dad is home, go upstairs with him while he changes so I can finish dinner!” So wonderful, I know.  I rarely use that moment to be intentional to set the tone for our family about the importance of that relationship in my life.

Sometimes our actions follow our hearts,

but often, the times when we just don’t feel like it,

our heart can follow our actions as they lead.

What if God wants to love our husbands through our words, through our actions?

This month lets try and serve, love and respect our husbands more intentionally and frequently than ever.  Let it be top of mind. Be creative.  If ideas just don’t come busting out of that mind that rolled out of bed late and got breakfast ready, lunches packed and children out the door, refer to this list to get your thoughts rolling.


Put a photo of you and your husband on your Facebook profile picture for the month of February.

Show the world how proud you are of the man in your life!



Invite your kids to do some fun things with you for dad.  Notes in his briefcase, his favorite pack of gum on his car seat, pictures drawn and put on his pillow, hide and scream excitedly when he gets home from work, etc.



Plan a special night once a week (at home or out) that revolves around him.

His favorite movie, his favorite food, his favorite topic of conversation, a back rub for him. Don’t expect anything in return and just enjoy loving him well.

(This is our question jar for fun date nights at home, snuggle up and pull out a typed question to spark conversation about goals, dreams, where you want to go next, how you could serve together, etc)



Try and pray for him each morning. Put a post it on your bathroom mirror with 3 things you’ll be praying for him each day so you won’t forget.

Set a reminder on your phone to pray for him at a good time in your day.

The more we pray for our husbands the more we are filled with God’s love to give more to him.


Text him or leave him a note with a Bible verse that you are praying for him specifically as it relates to something about work or a situation he is going through.




Be intentional with the words you say to your husband. Be very cautious with any disrespectful words, tone or nagging.

Try and speak out of encouragement, selflessness, and love. Talk to him about how you respect a choice he has made, the man of integrity he is at his work, how God has gifted him uniquely, what you love about what kind of dad he is.

Make these conversations intentional!


Go on one date out of the house this month.

Pick his favorite restaurant and ask some vulnerable questions. Here are some ideas if you need some…

What could I be doing better in our marriage to love or serve you?

How do you best experience my love or respect?

What does encouragement look like to you coming from me?

How are you feeling about our frequency of intimacy in our marriage?

What can I do to allow you more time to invest in yourself spiritually, physically or mentally?


Ok, I am going to say the one that is a little taboo to talk about,

but INITIATE some intimacy ladies!

Go all out, maybe slip on something he likes, shave those legs. Choose to make this a priority in your marriage!

Good luck ladies!

Love ‘em up this month and lets make our marriages our #1 relationship

this month after our sweet Jesus!

Love, Kylie

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Don’t try all! Pick what’s right for YOUR FAMILY!

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