In Loving Memory of Demi

When I wrote my book, I thought about one mom. Not a particular mom – but I always thought about you. Your stories. Your heartaches and your potential.  I dreamed of how it would impact lives of families one mom at a time. It is one of the BIGGEST blessings and privileges of this journey – when you tell me your story.

Today, I want you to read this from one mom, Hayley. She is enduring the toughest time of her life. I am grateful to play a small part in the healing of this family. Can you join me in praying for Demi’s mom and dad? Her precious sisters? – Courtney 
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Hi Courtney,

I do not know you personally but I feel compelled to send you this message!  I just wanted to thank you for your book “In This House We Will Giggle“.  The timing of how I came across this book is incredible. 

My 3-year-old special needs daughter, Demi, passed away suddenly on December 1st. Not even two months ago.  She was born with a rare (unnamed) chromosome imbalance and endured a dozen plus surgeries, weekly therapies, and more. She brought us and everyone she encountered so much JOY. Her giggle was like nothing you have ever heard. She would get everyone going just from her laugh. She was the happiest girl you would ever meet, despite all of her challenges. We also have 7 year old twins, Hannah and Madeline, who were extremely close to their sister. My big girls are resilient (although they have their moments from time to time, as expected), but sometimes it is difficult for me as a mom to be strong for them on a daily basis. And then I came across your book.


At a time in our family’s life where we feel like crying and collapsing from the pain, I feel like my purpose right now is to find reasons for my family to GIGGLE.  It is exactly what my husband, my girls, and myself need at this very moment.”

I haven’t gotten that far into your book, but I am excited to dig deeper and implement some fun things in our home!  I cannot wait. 

Blessings to you and your family,



Connect with Hayley here. She hasn’t updated her blog in some time (sort of been busy) – but check back as she will announce amazing programs to honor her Demi.


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  1. I can’t imagine a more difficult scenario. We pray peace and Presence for Hayley, Madeline, Hannah and dad Jarrod.

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