Make a Mother’s Day – Tip 11

If you are new, start here! Our goal is to Make ONE Mother’s Day with some time-saving tips or sanity-saving tips that might be basic to you – but could be genius to another mom. Let’s help each other out!


Today’s Tip 11 is by Jeannie Cunnion




Our family loves Courtneys’ ABC Scripture Cards! When you can’t decide which verse you most want to memorize that week, grab any large cork board and keep many front and center. We keep ours in the kitchen on this board from Ballard Designs so we see twelve at a time.


How do you all use your these cards or make scripture a part of your home?



JeannieOneI’ve told you a bit about my college sorority sister Jeannie before. Or, you may have seen her new book, Parenting the Wholehearted Child on Rachel Ray or the Today Show recently. What! Eek! I am so excited for her – because behind this glamorous headshot is a normal mom like us that follows God’s call to share her heart. To let other moms know it’s all about grace, never perfection. To share her struggles and what God is teaching her so we too can find freedom.





If you want to catch up on the other tips! AND, join us this Friday and share your TIPS!

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