Make a Mother’s Day – Tip 12

If you are new, start here! Our goal is to Make ONE Mother’s Day with some time-saving tips or sanity-saving tips that might be basic to you – but could be genius to another mom. Let’s help each other out!


Today’s Tip 12 is by Karen Ehman of Proverbs 31


Got piles of papers? Yeah, you do! A practical tool that has helped me to bust up the piles of papers at my house is a nifty binder my kids refer to as “mom’s brain.”

Here are directions for making your own “brain in a binder”. This tool will enable you to greatly reduce the refrigerator clutter at your house. It is designed to hold your fliers, rosters, party invitations, etc… You know, those papers that usually end up on the front of your fridge or cluttering a counter or coffee table. This system will keep them at your fingertips for those times you need to refer to them.

Now, don’t let this idea hem you in. Modify it. Tweak it. Make it your own. The point is to get those annoying papers off of the fridge! I’ve been using it for 15 years.

Karen_2-2Karen Ehman is a national speaker with Proverbs 31 Ministries and author of 6 books including the best-selling LET. IT. GO. How to Stop Running the Show & Start Walking in Faith. She has been the guest on the 700 Club, Family Life with Dennis Rainey, Moody Mid-Day Connection and a repeat guest of Focus on the Family. She blogs at and lives with her family in rural mid-Michigan. And, she’s been a cheerleader for me on this writing adventure from the beginning and I am so grateful. See you at She Speaks, Karen!



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