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Make a Mother’s Day – Tip 2

If you are new, start here! Our goal is to Make ONE Mother’s Day with some time-saving tips or sanity-saving tips that might be basic to you – but could be genius to another mom. Let’s help each other out.


TODAY’S TIP is by Kristen  of The Daily Mom App


I love pretty nails, but with 4 young children, my polish always smudged or knicked before it could completely dry – until I started painting my nails in the car! Next time you’re headed out for a long-ish ride (30 minutes or so), get everyone settled and seatbelted (yourself included), start your car (but keep it in park), and apply polish (windows down!) before you start your trip. Your nails will have time to dry while the kiddos are safely strapped in their carseats (AKA when your helping hands aren’t needed!).
KristenToday’s tip is by my dear friend and founder of The Daily Mom App, Kristen. She’s a mom of four kids and a dreamer like me. We love to talk about raising kids with intention and then jump over to our latest inventions. If you haven’t downloaded The Daily Mom App – you gotta go get it, for at least the joke part. There is so much more – but the jokes are outstnding and make lunches really fun.

There are also daily tips like these, news, weather, style and more. It’s like having a personal assistant right on my phone. Brilliant my friend! Thank you!

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  1. thanks kristen. your nails could be on a poster in the nail talk and tan. right next to the one with the girl holding the strawberry. no, seriously, you inspired me to paint my nasty nails.

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