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Make a Mother’s Day – Tip 3 and 4

If you are new, start here! Our goal is to Make ONE Mother’s Day with some time-saving tips or sanity-saving tips that might be basic to you – but could be genius to another mom. Let’s help each other out! (Tip 1, Tip 2)


Today’s Tip 3 is by Rachel


This is my trash can. We are some trash people around my parts. We don’t have a trash compactor, but this little tricks saves a few steps. It seems simple, but I LOVE IT! My roll of extra trash bags stays in the bottom of the can. No extra steps walking to the sink. Just take one full bag out and there they are waiting for you (or your loved one with trash duty).


1610081_10152142921205139_921234621_nRachel is a newlywed, mom of two musical spitfires and a dear friend of mine. She uses her story of tragedy and loss and God’s unbelievable love to speak to women all over the country. I have personally been touched by her faith and joy during these years. And, she has the best southern accent on the planet – you can almost hear it when she writes.

You can read more from Rachel right here at Lil Light O’ Mine.





Today’s Tip 4 is by Me! Courtney


These are two of our activity bins. Since they were little, I have had a junk closet typically under the stairs in both of our houses. I have shoe-box size containers (probably about 5-6 of them) – and put an activity in each of them that is ready to go. It helps when they are restless or I need to jump on a call or siblings are over each other. I hand them one and say “GO” or “PLAY THIS.” The beauty parlor one has been a favorite for years. Apparently we like to dry hair. The music one is a crowd favorite when friends come over – everyone has an instrument. There is play dough. There has been a Chick-fil-A box, a writing station for encouraging friends, a lego box – they change with ages and interests. I’d suggest a mix of things you can play with them and things they can take and go entertain themselves. Enjoy!

Courtney – that’s me. If you’re new – you can read my story here. So glad to meet you!



Have you tried Light ‘Em Up Mother’s Day style?



I am so so glad Sara suggested that we do Light ‘Em Up leading up to Mother’s Day – we are trying some of her great ideas and it LIGHT UPS MY heart to show my kids the power of generosity. We had so much fun sneaking into the bathroom at a restaurant yesterday and leaving these wipes. More ideas like this RIGHT HERE. #LightEmUpActs.
Have a great week beautiful moms.

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  1. thanks rachel for the trash can tip – that’ll work great if i can clean out my can. it’s so gross. apparently some humans toss in trash whenever there isn’t a bag and then no one ever cleans that out. we are pigs.

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