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Make a Mother’s Day – Tip 7 and 8

 If you are new, start here! Our goal is to Make ONE Mother’s Day with some time-saving tips or sanity-saving tips that might be basic to you – but could be genius to another mom. Let’s help each other out!

Today’s Tip 7 is by Kylie



Our mentors poured this idea into us and it’s been revolutionary for our marriage (which in turn makes me a better mom and keeps our home a safe place all under Jesus amen!).

Discuss daily, date weekly, depart quarterly.


Discuss daily is our best advice. Not just the ‘what did you do today’ stuff, but heart level discussion, 30 minutes, face to face, no electronics around. It will change your marriage. Some good questions to guide this time are:
1. How’s your heart/what’s been on your heart today?
2. What are some big things you’re praying for today?
3. What is The Lord teaching you today?
4. How can I encourage you better today?

Get in your groove with this and The Lord will bless your time and make it sacred for your marriage!





Today’s Tip 8 is by Kylie


Ok moms. It’s hard to get our kids to do chores, much less be excited to do them!

So we have a rule around our house. Whoever sets the table on their own accord gets to choose where people sit. In addition to this privilege, (which for some reason it is in our house) they also get to choose the questions out of our family dinner question box for the evening and choose the bedtime story. You could attach different incentives based on what is the sought after privilege in your house but nearly ever day the table is set far before dinner and the kids are excited to be the table setter. They also have to help clear.

Saves me from setting out 6 plates and napkins and silverware when I’m trying to get dinner on the table too!

Hope it helps you like it has us!

1470030_10151731167146981_2033400895_nKylie has shown me what following Jesus really looks like. If you read her blog, you simply will see Jesus. How he has used her family’s story to shed light on orphans, adoption and God’s love has blown my mind. I love her passion for marriage. I love her willingness to share the ups and downs of life, her strength and her tender heart to keep fighting for all four of these kids.

Blessed to call her my friend.







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