Making Your School Decision – Part 4

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Part 4 – PUBLIC SCHOOLS by Kelli

When Courtney asked me to write on this topic, not gonna lie…got a little nervous. How do I word things? I don’t want to offend anyone. Will people agree? Will they disagree? Before I get started on our story and why we choose public school let me say this, and I believe this from the bottom of my heart. There is NO right or wrong answer when it comes to school for your child. I am a product of public school K-12, my brother attended private school, so with that said please understand that I really mean what I say! There is no right or wrong answer.

You have to do what is right for your family, for your child in your season of life. Period.

We are fortunate to live in an excellent school district. You may share a likeness to me in this, you may not. I am going to touch on both scenarios. Public school was never something that worried me. I actually taught first grade in a public school before I had my girls.


However, when my oldest daughter turned 5 and Kindergarten was on the horizon I got nervous. They were building a new school in our area that our neighborhood would be zoned for. I remember I would drive by the school and just get so anxious. It looked so big, so real, how in heavens name could I send my baby girl there? It was 2 stories for crying out loud!


We ended up enrolling her in a 1/2 Kindergarten program at a local church. I felt good, it was our decision, she would be home by lunch, home with her momma and life was good.

But, God had other plans. I started doubting my decision to send her 1/2 day.

I did not have a peace about our decision at all. My heart was a mess. My best friends and neighbors were excited about the new school, their kids were going, what was wrong with me? I remember the day I found out that a neighbor was going to be the media specialist at the new school. I was thrilled. A sign? perhaps. We prayed and prayed, I felt over and over the Lord say, “Kelli, trust Me, send her to the new school.”

The following Sunday after finding out my neighbor would be the media specialist I was talking to a friend who I consider to be my mentor in life. I just love her dearly and talk to her to this day about many life experiences, challenges, etc. She is my go-to lady in life besides my mother of course. At this point she was not aware of our decision to send her 1/2 day. She told me she had some news, she was going to be the guidance counselor at the new school. Are you kidding me? Pretty sure I heard angels singing and the Lord chuckle as it became CLEAR that we were to send our baby to the new public school. He was absolutely telling us to and we obeyed.

Fast forward 5 years.

She’s in 4th grade now and my younger daughter in 1st.

I cannot tell you in words how wonderful our experience in public school has been. I love our school dearly and am so proud to send my children there. I remember the day my youngest started Kindergarten. I looked at our sweet principal and said, “ok, well I’m not leaving so what can I do for you today?!” Of course I was kidding, (kind of) … I am there a lot. I volunteer a lot.

I would suggest anyone get involved. Go to lunch with your child when you can. Get to know the teachers, the administration. Being involved in your school can create such a sense of community and purpose.


I know several families who have moved to be in a district they are happy with.

I know some of you may not have a public school in your area that you feel as passionately about (and moving isn’t an option at this time).

I offer you this: get involved, show up for meetings, volunteer for everything. Make your school great- you can! Show your kids that you are proud of their school and proud of them! And while struggling with liking our school has not been my experience I know many moms who have traveled that road and today can tell you they truly love their school because they have put forth an effort to be involved in every part of it! Public schools are a way for our families to shine the love of Christ to others!

Don’t forget that public schools are filled with Christian families and Christian teachers! Some of our best friends today are other families we’ve met through our school. I believe no matter what kind of school you choose for your child… public, private, Christian, the love of Jesus is taught at home. That is a parent responsibility. The love my girls have been shown is amazing. The teachers we’ve had have been incredible and such a blessing to our family! Our administration is phenomenal and I bet if you dive into your school and get to know the wonderful people who devote their lives to teaching children you may feel the same way! I pray that if you choose the public school route you will be blessed just as we have!

Guess what? My girls even ride the school bus! GASP! That may be a different blog topic for another day!!

Blessings to you! – Kelli



If you have success stories and other benefits of public schools, please feel free to share below!


Feel free to ask Kelli and other public school moms questions below


PS – Courtney here, I am a super proud graduate of Parkview High in Gwinnett County GA. Let’s go Panthers.

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  1. Hi Kelli, I’m just coming across this post even thought it’s half a year old. We have 2 kids in public school – 4th and 1st grades. My husband and I both went to Christian schools. I used to stress over issues like what my kids would exposed to, but we truly have not had any issues with that. But this year, my concern is more about the education itself, especially with Common Core Standards being implemented (we’re in Illinois). What are your thoughts on Common Core, and those that say the government is trying to indoctrinate our children? Thanks!

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