Merry Christmas and Thank You


I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks…


Thanks for loving our family.

Thanks for praying for me and my journey.

Thanks for trying new ideas and inspiring others in your community.

Thanks for leading your kids in a Christ-like way.


Thanks for sending me emails and notes of encouragement – they are like fuel to my soul.

Thanks for commenting, sharing and spreading things close to my heart.

Thanks for reminding me of truth.

Thanks for challenging me.


Thanks for the grace.

Thanks for buying my book! and the ABC Scripture Cards!

Thanks for being great friends.


Thanks for being great moms.

Thanks for being courageous and brave.

Thanks for putting yourself and your dreams out there.




Thanks for authenticity and community.

Thanks for sharing ideas.

Thanks for believing in something bigger than all of us.

Thanks for being YOU.




Thanks for inspiring me.

Thanks for reading and coming by this blog.


From our family to yours – wishing you many giggles and twirls.

This song and the thought of Mary brings me to tears. Take time to watch and just think through her role during this time of the year. Humbling.

merry christmas!


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  1. Thank you my baby girl for the joy you bring . you always have and always will . you are a special gift given by God to your Dad and I and we love you !

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