What to buy middle school boys this year. A lifetime gift.

I have been talking about Champion Tribes for a while and I’m SO excited to tell you it has LAUNCHED! You can now go order it! And I cannot think of a more impactful gift for your sons this Christmas. Let me explain why.

I am personally super excited about the program – because the founders are dear friends. David Salyers was my boss at Chick-fil-A and Jeff Henderson was my co-worker and later became my pastor at Buckhead Church. We go way back. I know their hearts, their vision, their families.  I know how much heart and work has been poured into this project.

(NOTE: My friends over at Champion Tribes are giving my crowd a 10% discount from now until Wednesday, November 11/29. CODE: lillightomine10)

I’ve watched them raise their children.  They’ve been essentially developing this and living it out for the last 20 years. They both have FULL time jobs, but they are following up on many requests from dads. They heard from many like-minded dads – wanting to offer this same type of blessing experience (or rite of passage training) for their sons. However, these same dads felt frozen because they didn’t have the time or tools to figure it out.

Last time Jeff was visiting my area, we sat down to discuss it and this will help you understand more about the program.


If you had to watch ONE VIDEO… I would actually suggest that you start on the The Champions Tribe website and watch the first one right there on the home page. They have one that explains the vision and how it works. That’s a great start. Then, come back to the interview above if you’d like. You’ll see that this isn’t a a book or one meeting – this is an EXPERIENCE that could quite literally raise your son into a man of character.


WARNING MOMS... be careful how you send to your awesome husband. Have you ever received a yoga mat or workout pants for Mother’s Day? It can feel like a slap in the face. The LAST thing you want your awesome man to feel is slapped aka “you need to get on it for our son – and step up and do this.”.

We want him to feel HONORED … it should feel more like, “I heard about this program and it sounds so much like what you’re already doing with our son and who you are. I thought you’d love it. Let’s talk about it. I can think of NO ONE I’d rather have shaping our son than you.” or “I saw the coolest program for boys – maybe we should check it out for him for Christmas.”


I am a mother of girls that fully and wholeheartedly endorses this program… because I do declare my girls will marry a Champions graduate. 🙂

And for those that have reached out – the rumor is true. I am beyond honored and excited to be working on the mother/daughter version. Head on over to TreasureTribes.com to enter your email and we will keep you updated as the material is ready!


My friends over at Champion Tribes are giving my crowd a 10% discount from now until Wednesday, November 11/29.

CODE: lillightomine10


This will be a gift for your son – on first glance – he might say “what?” And when he is an adult, he will say “Thanks, Dad” for giving the gift of your approval and your time. It left a mark.

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