Month of Generosity – No More Verucas!

If you are reading along with In This House, We Will Giggle – the month of December is focused on Generosity. So you have the entire month to focus on this virtue. To share with your family that it’s all about “giving not getting.”

Here is the virtue card that you can download, print or frame. It has the memory definition and memory verse right here for you!



I found the perfect video for us. PLEASE WATCH. Even if you know exactly what it is, just refresh your memory and imagine your children. If you know this song by heart already, we might be soul mates.

Oh how I relate to Veruca. I want it now!

She makes me feel so uncomfortable, because I don’t want to be like her ever. And I DEFINITELY don’t my kids to be little Verucas.

She’s an extreme of example of what is happening all around us. In my home and maybe yours.

For me, it can be as subtle as all the “upgrades” I keep asking for – kitchen, car, shoes, sunglasses, etc. etc. etc.

My husband has candidly shared my constant “wants” make him feel that “it’s never enough.”

What a crummy way to feel as the provider and it makes me think about how similar my Heavenly Father must feel when I act like Veruca. I am not even done with stewarding the current blessing and I’m demanding the next “want.” Ouchers.

You see I have a HUGE heart for generosity, I sure do. I also have a huge heart for rewarding myself – way too often. I could GIVE even more and SAVE way more for our family, if I practiced more self-control in this area.

Not being harsh – just way honest.


My little Veruca Darlings

My kids are dolls. They really are super thoughtful and generous girls.

But they have veruca moments too.

Just tonight at the Lego store, they couldn’t possibly fathom walking out empty-handed. I was so proud of myself for saying the rare “NO.” In the spirit of generosity, fun and love – I say “YES” too often and feed the Veruca in them.


Do you do Santa? Elf? St. Nick? Jesus?

Whether you or all Santa, all elf-on-the-shelf, some-santa and mostly Jesus, some St. Nick and some elf and all Jesus – it really doesn’t matter. My friend reminded me tonight we can over think it. Our kids aren’t as complicated as we are. I just keep reminding myself that this time of year is about pointing my kids to their Savior – celebrating His birth and enjoying each other as a family. We have many traditions and joyful times together. Exactly how we do that doesn’t actually need to be debated or obsessed about it.

I also know this, most kids on the planet earth like presents. And are 100% confirmed HUMAN if they ask you for something!

Don’t get mad at them, just remind them that you have got it. “No need to worry of obsess on what you are getting, Mom and Dad have got it! Let’s turn our hearts and attention to what we are giving!”

My very favorite Christmas EVER was when my heart was off of me and on others. When I stopped worrying about what I was getting and started falling in love with the giving. Our kids can experience this same mindset shift. We can invite them into the thrill of generosity – the way Jesus did it.

No matter what we have – money (lot or little), toys, love, baked goods, time, etc. – we can give in a way and shows His love.

We don’t have to STRESS about how often or how much.

Don’t lecture – use Light ‘Em Up or another fun way to make it an adventure. Set playdates, praise them and include their friends!

You can do it!

We are having our family meeting tomorrow night and I can’t wait to get their ideas. I will show them this Veruca video as some un-inspiration. 🙂

You can do it guys. I am praying for the lives your families are going to touch with your generosity around this WORLD!

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  1. Again – you nailed it! Thank you! I recently decided to not have our kids fill out a Christmas “list”. I want to teach them to be happy with what they receive – regardless or whether or not they wanted it. We’ll listen to what they would like but no list that they think might be expected. Just the little things that we hope make a difference. I would rather them make a list of the fun ways they want to serve over the holidays! 🙂

  2. so excited to get started on “lighting them up” – i bought some cute elf ornaments at target this weekend as our “kindness elves” and are going to incorporate them in our fun. my daughter is “obsessed” with elves so i figure if they are involved in our giving all the better. she truly “believes” so it is super sweet to watch her in action. can’t wait! thanx for sharing!

  3. I do this too – my upgrade list keeps growing and then I detest seeing that same behavior in my kids! One of my kids just walked in kitchen requesting a Frozen themed Snackee – I pulled out the purple one that we already have that was asked for constantly for a YEAR that is NEVER used! Ugh! Too much stuff!!! I will show my kids this video too! Wonderful post as always Courtney!!!

  4. Courtney,

    I LOVED Your post. It is a wonderful reminder to keep our hearts in line with our acts of being kind to others, this season, not just ourselves. To teach our children so they grow-up with strong values into adulthood.
    Timing! I have to brag on my dear friend Kelley Abney, whom found a HUGE PLATINUM DIAMOND RING laying on the floor at the court house today…and she reported the lost ring to the receptionist.
    Of course she wanted it! She chose to think of the poor woman that had lost it, not herself.
    It turned out to belong to a young woman, recently engaged, whom could have easily cried herself to sleep tonight, if not for my friend’s honesty.
    She admittedly went through the very human selfish thoughts of not trying too hard to find the owner. Wishing it wouldn’t be claimed and she would get to keep it. She felt terribly guilty for those thoughts.
    Then she said, “She felt God telling her, HE put her there for a purpose. The purpose being to safely return the ring, found in the middle of a crowded room full of people, who may not have shared Kelley’s morality.
    On her 1st day of 25 random acts of kindness!

    I got a phone call from her telling me about her day and then immediately read your post.

    Thank You for the perfect timing of your post!


  5. I love that – “don’t worry about what you are getting, it’s in hand, now how can we give” – used it yesterday and it works! With their minds at rest they can totally be redirected. My eldest came home from school having been thinking about it and asked could we allocate some of our budget for a friend in his class – like him the eldest of three, all the same ages as ours. All three of them have been really sick with a virus and stuck indoors. “Mummy can we make a gift bag with a movie and popcorn and hot chocolate and Christmas crafts they can do together?” All his own idea -even planned which movie. Just giving him redirection allowed his God-given generosity to get going. Just delivered the gift bag to a very grateful mum who hasn’t been out for two weeks and now has a fun afternoon in a bag. Love the encouragement I find here to be who we are all meant to be. Love finding and affirming the man of God in my little boy who is tired coming up to Christmas and not always making great choices. Little steps in God’s hands make big lights!

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