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A month of LOVE


Let’s be honest. It is often SO hard to love the people in our homes. The ones God gave us to love every day. Our kids struggle almost daily to love their siblings well. Family creates this incredible safe bond where words fly easier and hurts are real. Family is also the place we will feel the MOST LOVE in our lifetime.

For this month, I want us to focus on LOVING each other well. Keep it inside the walls of our homes.

If you have In This House, We Will Giggle – go back and read Chapter 2 to refresh.

It basically comes down to this. We love because he first loved us. I John 4:19

I believe it is critical to start early with our kids. Begin practicing how to love others – it’s what God called us to do. He’s very clear on this command. (Matthew 22:37-40 and John 13:35) They are kids now, but complex and difficult relationships are coming. While they are with us, we can train a heart that is sensitive to others.


Love ‘Em Up

The activity for this month is called Love ‘Em Up. It’s just like Light ‘Em Up, but focused on our own family! You can simply surprise your husband and kids with simple acts of kindness. And, invite them to do the same!

On the way to school this morning, I reminded the girls about the virtue for this month and I just asked them a question.

“Girls, how can we show Daddy love in really fun ways this month?”

Larson said, “Mom, when he sleeps in one day – we can make him breakfast and leave it on a stool next to his bed.”

Ella said, “Well, he takes a shower every day – so let’s leave a note by the shower.”


I have found that the options are ENDLESS to show love. I will be encouraging my kids to sneak around and love each other too. They can do a chore for one another or sneak notes into each other’s book bags. Remember, it’s laughter over lectures. Give them a chance to step up by asking simple questions and letting the ideas flow from their hearts.

The definition of LOVE is just putting a big virtue in kid terms. You can come up with your own definition or if you’re apart of an Orange church – you likely already know a great definition. Here’s my definition of love:




What if my kids are UNLOVING every day?

We are also in a season of sibling fighting and it is so discouraging. I just read a terrific article on sibling rivalry and fighting. Start there. I am using this simple question:

Is that loving?”

And if it’s not loving, either in word or action, there’s a consequence coming or definitely a moment to STOP and have them make it right. If your kids are fighting, good news, it’s normal. They are going to fight. We can help set boundaries. It is so hard. There is the balance of letting them work it out – and then I also want mine to know I will step in and protect their hearts. And, sometimes save them from a barbie flinging to their head. 🙂 And be sure to give them another chance, “Go back and try that again with love.”


Month To Learn

I am also excited about this month because it’s a chance to keep learning our kids. The very things that frustrate us SO much about our kids (aggression or sensitivity) can be indicators of personalities. Let’s learn what makes them soar. What makes their hearts feel so loved. So, let’s fight to learn them more than change them.



Test it! As you try Love ‘Em Up – notice how your ideas or attempts may work better for one child over another. They are different! Just like all of us.


Share Away

As you try Love ‘Em Up this month – you can get ideas here, in the book or by searching #LoveEmUp on Instagram. Be sure you share your ideas and how it’s working in your home.

And, you can download this Virtue Card and print. Tape it on a door or frame it! Some of you are writing the definition and memory verse on big chalkboards. I love that!
Keep me posted! We can do it!!!
AND, you are not forgotten – challenge your husband and kids to think of ways to love on mom this month.

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  1. I feel like I tried to talk about love but ending up getting mad at my kids. The funny thing was, we were talking about 1 Corinthians 13. And the first thing listed is patience. I think I am working on a very selfish me. I think the real one God is going to work on is me. 🙂 Which is a good thing. Thanks for your beginning post this month! Working on love! I think the one thing I am definitely starting is praying for my family. The other thing I need to work on is not being on this computer all day.

  2. I know we are only on Day 2 but so far this has been such a blessing to us. I loved the hearty inspiration and decorating got the kids so excited. Refreshing the chapter has helped us consider all the love languages in our loving and the kids are so thrilled to find notes from Daddy affirming them. The school run was soooo much easier with them actively trying to help each other! I know we will have ups and downs but we are thankful for two days of blessing! We have the phrases from 1 Cor 13 and other Bible passages from the chapter from “We will Giggle” on a garland around our table and the “patience” has been challenging me too! It’s great to have that reference to keep pointing back to though, even if it shows them where I mess up too!!

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