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You guys are killing it! Can we just take a second? From UKRAINE (oh how I love Kiev, Ukraine) to California to Australia. From high schoolers to moms groups to tiny toddlers to grandmothers – you guys! From making flower arrangements to military cards to cookies in the dry cleaning drive thru… It’s so exciting. You have caught the generosity bug.

You understand this: GENEROSITY is giving what we have, so others feel His Love!

Keep it up beautiful people. Let your light shine so they see His. #lightemup13

You’ve been asking for files… here you go!


2013 Light ‘Em Up Files

This is the original post from this year with all of the goods.



Classroom Ideas

Here are a few classroom ideas for those teachers out there. I didn’t get it up in time for the original post – but never too late to take it and brainstorm and try some fun things with those awesome students.

Light Em Up Classroom Ideas 2013-1

Surprise Gift Tags

These tags are a sheet of the popular “Surprise” tags on repeat. I’m going to use them on Friday at the Dollar Store and hide $1.06 (tax included) bags everywhere – great idea Christine. My girls are pumped about sneaking in and hiding these all over. Can you imagine going in as a kid or person on a budget to find it’s your lucky day? Love it!!!

You can also print and cut and put in your car and be ready. I use them at Starbucks for the person to pass back when I buy a drink. Or, I handed out one yesterday with a candy cane to security guy. They are great “on hand” tags.

Merry Christmas you pretty little elves. Let those lights shine. And if your kiddos aren’t in the mood. No one panic. Don’t yell or beat them into it. Keep moving and their hearts will come around. They are still little. Surprise Tag Repeat

#lightemup13 – search for that on Instagram and get some great ideas

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