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What is UP party people! I read back through the last few posts – am I crying like every day? Or does crying just give me the inspiration and energy to write?

Either way – fear not. No sappy stories here today! I am really a super joyful person.


I’ve got ideas for you! Did you know the mission of this blog and company called Lil Light O’ Mine?

To empower moms and change little lives through innovation in the home.

So … let’s do just that today!


Quick Pinterest Tip – For Website Owners

I learned this from The Nester I think. Did you know that you can see (kind of sneaky) – what people are pinning from your site or blog? It’s so simple. I can visit –  http://pinterest.com/source/courtneydefeo.com/ and see the scoop. All you have to do is erase the “courtneydefeo.com” part and insert your URL and check it out.

It is NOT a good idea if you will become obsessed and motivated by numbers.

It is a good idea if you just want to see what your readers find helpful. It helps me to know that TONS of moms every year were all about Light ‘Em Up – so I’ll spend time making that fun and new each year. It helps me to know that TONS of moms loved the Prayer Idea below. I’ll be coming back to “praying for your kids” ideas – because I need/want traffic? From the bottom of my heart – NO! I want to think on things that me/you need as mom to bring faith to life. I swear I don’t look at this often like a weird creeper.



Top 10 Pinned Ideas

Enjoy some of the most popular ideas shared on this site. I hope you’ll find some of them useful for your home. Happy pinning! Click on each name to link over to the idea. In no particular order.

1. Love ‘Em Up – Ways to teach LOVE in your home through kindness with siblings and mom and dad.



2. My Girls’ Graduation Gift – having each teacher from preschool to church sign starting now


3. Light ‘Em Up – teaching your kids during Christmas to focus on GIVING over GETTING. Easy and free ideas!



4. Light ‘Em Up Summer – who says kids can’t be generous all year long? Fun ideas to teach generosity during summer.




5. Praying Mom – my bud Ashley has a precious ritual each year – praying for her kids




6. Family Olympics – whatever you are doing – stop right now and email your friends or family a DATE next summer. Implementing a Family Olympics – most entertaining decision of your life. Free plan here.



7. Birthday in a Bag – This BEAUTIFUL idea takes the focus off your own child and onto others during their birthday week. Make a birthday bag and find a child in need to celebrate.

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8. Play With Me Mom! Some quick fun ideas for playing with your kids – when you are flat out of ideas.401975_3262671289429_1346618123_33264039_685955542_n


9. Make Your Own My Lil Money Jars – They are not for sale anymore – but you can make your own and the system TOTALLY works! Check it out.


10. ABC Scripture Cards – a few ideas on making those work in your home. Part 1 and Part 2

NOTE: This is a new site – former site LilLightOMine.com is when much of this was pinned/passed on – so don’t be alarmed if you see zilcho people liked it. I don’t want you to think I’m a liar liar pants on fire.



Where do you need the most support and ideas right now as a mom? Do tell!


If you scroll through social media, there is NOT a lack of opinions or resources out there. So, do you feeling equipped? Or overloaded?


I’d like to be only adding the best stuff to your world, not cluttering your brain with nonsense. Who has time for that – we both don’t.

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  1. Moving into having a child at school as much as they are home I would love anything from moms ahead of me on how to help them in their own mission field and how to build their security in Jesus when you are not alongside them seeing everything. I have an overthinker so sharing answers and approaches to deep issues would be great too. But I find whatever God puts on your heart has relevance to our journey and encourages me, so keep it up please!!

  2. I need help being consistent with the kids chores for commission. Now more than ever, with how our country is doing things I want them to get “you work you get paid, you don’t work you don’t get paid” concept. But I also want them to have chores they do daily not for money. Just to be part of this household. I’m having trouble sorting all this out. I have two boys, 8 and 4. Thanks!

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