Mother’s Day Gift From Sandra Stanley

Do you ever feel like your days are pointless? I do.

If I stop and REALLY think about my role as a mom – I KNOW what is at stake. However, the daily grind can leave me wondering what in the WORLD have I signed up for!

Am I really making a difference?

There have been few messages on parenting that have impacted me like this one. I have listened to this about four times. I’m selling nothing today. I’m promoting nothing. I simply have a gift for you.

I’m with you on this journey and I’m tired. I need to be reminded myself that our job is huge and it’s worth it to focus. It’s worth it to say no to many distractions.

Sandra Stanley is the wife of Andy Stanley – our pastor when we lived in Atlanta. She is also one incredible mom of three and a champion for foster care. She is a contributor on this site and so awesome.


I thought this would be a fun way to celebrate our week of Mother’s Day.

This sermon is EXTREMELY encouraging. EXTREMELY tactical and practical.


Sandra also often talks about the story of Nehemiah. How this verse can remind us to stay at it as mothers. She clung to this during her years and even hung it in her house. I thought I’d share it with you today.



Take this today and print it out. Share it with a mom that needs it. Your role is enough. It is everything.

Use it to remind you that YOU are doing a great work! And you cannot come down!

JPG version here. PDF version.

(And pretend it’s not crooked. I’m so not a graphic designer).

Happy Mother’s Day. I’m so honored to be one of you.


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  1. Not sure how I missed this post the first time…but TRUE STORY…after I heard Andy preach on Nehemiah I wrote this on an index card and put it in my kitchen windowsill. One day my housekeeper saw it when she arrived and thought I had left it as a note for her…because apparently I jot notes that sound like prophets and being upstairs in my laundry room is “a great work.”

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